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Quote: Originally Posted by Missy me, too. How fast can this happen? Too little, too late for me. I hope this happens though no matter how eventually.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies I seem to surprise people. Even as an adult, "Wow! I didn't know you were so intelligent!" Like I am some wild animal who was taught to speak. I like to then say something very academic.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Phew! I'm so glad you made it back in time to see it. Yay! : Thank you so much!
I am delighted to find that I have one, and I love what it says!
I told you elsewhere that it would make a great tag. :
I don't but I want to!
Quote: Originally Posted by CookieMonsterMommy I don't see them as informants. I think their main job is to be a voice of reason and try to get everyone (or a few offenders) back on track. That's how I see it as well.
I am not too worried about the crime... it's a little far to be a border town and it's smaller than the city I am in now, but I will check it out. Yes, the Asheville mamas here have already been a great help! I can't wait to meet them.
Thank, mamas! These are all really helpful!!! :
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