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well, i truly learned it after i happenned to have to tell my kids over and over: WE GO TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT. IT WILL HAPPEN.
maria, do you have a diaper on your dd at night? the most common reason my kids wake and have a harder time getting back to sleep is needing to pee. and i'm not sure how early you are putting her to bed, and i doubt this relates to you, but for my kids, a later bedtime does not mean sleeping in. i had to learn the hard way that they had to be put to bed at the right time for them....round 8-9. my eldest will pop up at 6 ready to go no matter what.
soooo....how's everyone doing? i've been doing really well and can't pinpoint it. it's like ten different things.
has rynna been seen recently at her blog? we miss you dear and we're worried! i wanted to let y'all know that dh went to work today and felt triumphant that he managed it. he did very little physically compared to usual, but it went okay. yesterday a coworker brought him some muscle relaxers so that helped him. whenever i got near him i could feel a buzz in the air but i'm just glad he avoided the vicodin. he's been stretching and resting tons. so don't worry...
good for you leah! my main concern with the kids these days is to behave gracefully and graciously, over all things. to work towards feeling content no matter what. this is after years of moral code and fairness and sharing, screaming at them for doing dumb things and mean things and daily physical injuries, accidental and purposeful. we know what we are supposed to do and know each other very well. and i'm tired of reminding all of them each others limitations which...
hey ladies. i just woke up after passing out putting the kids down earlier. i need to write to you/to me. my dh hurt his back today at work, no actual "accident", but he called me to come get him from work and i was very scared since the last time he called me was when i was pg with ruby and then he was home for almost 2 years. i guess it was more like a year and half but he felt very broken more than that, until he got this job. my friend five minutes away happens...
happy birthday to everyone! my experience is that grls tend to have stranger fright, especially men around 2. in general the fear shows they have developed some kind of awareness of whatever is bothering them, which is cool and part of growing.
oh yah.... this is the age my friend's daughter felt the need to watch the snow white movie over and over to figure out her fear.
ruby is persistent that she is a little girl, not a baby, and that she does not want to grow up. and keeps announcing she is four. has there been recent comment that galen has grown? we often get that over and over with family holiday interaction, and maybe it is simply what he is hearing.
well, i'm a mamma. there's lotsa mammas in the world so that makes me mainstream in that sense.
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