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schist, you got me to laugh. i wrote a big fullpage honker about the little things going on with me but i cut it out. well, now i have played with the fonts and colors!
......fern, thank you thank you so very much.
rats. i feel like a terrible mamma right now.
well, theoretically my brain is workiing better than ever since ruby is such an old youngest. i'm finally getting over the several years sleep deprivation. i signed up to be a helper.
sorry for the head spinning. i DO think fern handled it great. i'm just talking about myself really.
today was high 83. this means the mosquitoes were swarming so bad that my kids couldn't play outside. when it drops below 70 and the humidity is less, plua the slight "winter" breeze, we are okay. some of us locals complain it is freaking hot. we are tired of warm. okay, i hate to reopen the topic, but i have something to say about the stranger yelling. i am at a point with my kids that i cannot just turn my back on silly stranger behaviour if i have the energy to...
no wonder i'm so tired. simply letting a kid run is an act of rebelliousness these days.
xmas. may your dc always cope and react so beautifully. her words show so much how you have parented. i feel that women shouldn't get up or have to in order to recuperate, but that is different from what has happenned for me. but i still feel that it is the standard to attempt to keep, to know what is doing too much in this very special time. as for the swaddling, i guess i never even paid attention to whether they liked it or not. now i'm trying to remember...
second baby is a big adjustment, and was the biggest adjustment for me. recuperation is normally a bit tougher than first time, cos you've got to get up and look on firstborn. i feel that women should not get up except to pee the first two days and then take it very slow, but that is the ideal in a messier world where we have to do what needs to be done. take your special capsules to shorten your flow and heal up other stuff. with reed, i bled for three weeks. ...
odetojoy, you still here? i finally got whisper of the heart dvd from the library and just adore it and have watched it twice already. i had forgotten how beautiful the drawings are, the light and wind. i'm always amazed how they hand draw these studio ghibli movies. and the dialogue is hysterical. though not for y'all protecting your littles verbally.... we also just watched the dakotafanning redub of my neighbor totoro this evening. i tried to be really...
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