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i will be having my 3rd baby this year and will probably have incredible back labor as i did the other times. i'm wondering if it's genetic ? is it the shape of my pelvis? my parents are from taiwan. my mom says she had it too and it seems in passing i've noticed other asian women mention having back labor. also, my babies were both posterior to begin and i wonder if i can do anything this preg to affect that (dd dec). one was born posterior, the other i'm not...
i was wondering what places to live are friendly towards direct entry midwives and those of us who choose them. i want to move away one of these days. i am not willing to raise my family in this prehistoric town.
i'm going to mail order some plants. the catalog i have sells 5 plants for 9 dollars and the shipping is 3. i'll let you know how this goes. i can't buy them locally cos supposedly they won't grow this is blackberry climate too hot. but i don't need the fruit.
yum. there were raspberry bushes where i lived in mpls for first pg. i missed having them for the 2nd. raspberries don't thrive in heat of the rainbelt. now that i'm preg again i'm going to go get a bush and at least grow it in a pot. thank you for reminding me! ps i would boil a handful leaves with some lemon balm and mint then honey. i will try the alfalfa and oat straw. the fact that that sounds good must mean something.
i appreciate your candor and encouragement for what most people would consider unthinkable. i've already printed out your recipes paula, thank you. i did find some other recipes but most interestingly an account written by mary field on birthrites.com. she found herself unable to eat it cooked so she kept it in her refrigerator and would slice a little chunk off with e knife, put it in the back of her throat and swallow it. this method appeals to me since i'd...
i am eight weeks along with third baby and am considering eating the placenta. i've been really thinking about how pregnancy and birth are relatively great for me i've had two natural births. but post partum is terrrible. after the high of having a baby, i sink very low and i was thinking why do we discard all those wonderful hormones? i'm not exactly excited about ingesting this organ, but it's starting to look like an option. the possibility of preventing...
my mil nursed her four children around a year each except my husband who was first and she made it to seven months when he got sick and the doctor told her to quit and such. it's helped me alot to have her support. and his knowledge of being nursed has enhanced the nursing relationships. i daresay its been more important to me tht he was nursed than i, when it came to doing this for our babies.
i just read claymama's message. i have a baby clay, 15mths. his reflux and allergies are related to my diet. most especially cows milk. and i've been getting away from refined sugar and wheat and corn syrup and preservatives and additives and such. its worth trying an elimination diet. wanted to say something even tho this is not exactly the subject
i voted. my mom says she tried three days. i was born 1970 i've heard my dad say she got scopolomine so i assume she got the milkdrying drugs too. she never mentions trying for my younger bro or sis. she also has lots of advice on nursing. there goes my wicked streak.
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