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I have seen Dr Allan Ashforth at Ahsforth Family Chiropractic in North Raleigh, and I currently see Dr John at Apex Family Chiropractic. I recommend both of them!
I agree with the Explosive Child book mention, and I just got one called Asperger Syndrome And Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions For Tantrums, Rage And Meltdowns by Brenda Smith Myles that Im just 2 chapters into but like so far. My 9 yr old DD was just dx with aspergers. Not really a shock to me, but because she is very verbal and very social and outgoing, I didnt really consider it until this past spring. My DD reacts in an almost primal way sometimes, and can be...
This seems very true for my daughter... Quote: Originally Posted by Altair In all but one case, the girls *were* more seemingly social than their male peers. "Social" doesn't mean "appropriately social," they all struggled with taking others' perspectives and not domineering play/conversations, etc... but b/c their social motivation and insanely detailed use of language was always there, people meet them and think they are not on the...
My DD is a social butterfly and highly verbal, and to just about everyone else she appears to be perfectly normal. She has Aspergers and an expressive language disorder. If you are having relational issues with her, if you notice a lot of quirks as well as sensory issues, just start reading about girls and Aspergers and see if it is a good fit. I have been aware of my oldest's sensory issues for 3 years. But all the sensory books talked about was sensory.. never about...
I would have and keep the baby
when my husband was in the UK for several months a few years ago, we spent the better part of a month in Reading. We were in a flat about 3 blocks from the Oracle, and I still miss it and the town centre. I have heard from others that they felt it was an impersonal sort of place, just because many of the people living there were young and single, rather than families. I didn't have much opportunity to get to know people, but I didn't have any bad experiences.
Not in your DDC, but my submissions for J and M names are: Judaea (Ju DAY' uh) - ancient spelling pronunciation of the city of Judea Jewel Joelle Journaya (zhor NAY' uh) Magdalene Mariah Mercy Miriam Miri Maisie/Maislyn Josiah Jace Jared Jameson Justice Mason Marcellus Macaiah (muh KY' uh)
I am so glad to see this thread!!!! Can I jump in and see if you can help me with our daughter, she is 9. we have decided that our oldest is probably on the spectrum. She has several diagnoses, including sensory processing disorder, sensory modulation dysfunction, auditory processing disorder, and developmental dyspraxia. Along with those, here are some other things I recently listed out, and that's sort of how we came to the conclusion that it was worth...
I am a Jennifer born in the early 70s. One quarter of my graduating class had my first name, I think. Neither Jen or Jenny seem to fit as I am getting older. It just seems odd to have a nickname ending in -y at this point in my life, very childish. I have a very long last name, so using Jennifer with it is very cumbersome, but I like Jennifer a lot now that there dont seem to be so many around me all the time.
Morning! I have a sick little one and have been up most of the night two nights in a row. Ugh! Got my coffee and browsing the forums!
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