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Snacks! Lots of special snacks that she wouldn't normally get! And someone to occupy her, probaby grandma or auntie (or hopefully she'll sleep through most of it...). A portable dvd player to watch some shows (away from the room I'm in). Some small toys that are new, or haven't been seen in awhile (finger puppets, magnetic face thingy).
I homebirthed my first and all went smoothly! Of course there is more uncertainty and fear when you haven't experienced something before -- that is totally fine. My mw was really good about telling me why more first-time moms transfer (non-emergency, exhaustion, desire for pain relief) and I was determined to try to avoid some of the things that cause those transfers. The best advice she gave me was to ignore labor as long as possible, and to plan on going at least 10...
It is hard to deal with friends close to you who want a natural birth but have all sorts of obstacles thrown in their way. I've had 2 friends recently give birth who ended up with c/s -- I predicted when they announced their pregnancies that each would end up with a c/s, and I was sorry to be right! Neither was wanting a natural birth, but it's clear to me that the management of their births is what caused their c/s, and it is so, so sad. Particularly since one of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by nadia105 Mine is right about my belly button too, 4th baby. I also look at least 5 months pg.... This! I can't believe how huge I am this time around! I didn't show very early with even my 3rd, but this time, watch out! Belly coming through!
We've declined all genetic testing, and I feel very good about it. I was somewhat unsure this time about declining the anatomy scan (I don't know why, we've declined with all 3 of our DDs) but my perspective is that many of these technologies offer "guarantees" that aren't really there (a perceived guarantee of a healthy baby), and the rate of false positives (which means stress for no reason) is high enough to make it not worth it for me.
Hang in there! It's so hard to wait at the end, especially when most mamas in our culture are "not allowed" to go past 40 weeks! My 3rd was born at 42 weeks exactly -- after having given birth to my DD1 and 2 within days of their EDD. I'm not sure that babies don't grow much after 40 weeks -- we're pretty sure I had about an 8lb baby at 40 weeks, but she was 9 lbs 10oz by 42 weeks -- it was clear she got huge! But even with a baby that big, I had no tearing and...
Ha! Sounds like my enthusiastic Dh! I would love to just go with the flow and not bring up my birth plans unless specifically asked, but he has always told everyone (including strangers!) about our plans to homebirth. My DD1 is now old enough to blab too -- it's not so bad really, most people are polite, especially to kids who are excited. But then, I do live in a pretty homebirth friendly area, so most people are at least familiar with the option.
How's that for a title? Seriously though, this is my 4th, so I'm not surprised that my uterus has stretched quickly... but I can feel it at my belly button!? How about you?
We actually have our boy's name picked out! We've never picked a boy's name that we loved, but this time I really, really, really like the name: Hudson Croix And for a girl: either Cricket or Ginger -- need help with a middle name... These names are both so perfect; they go well with the rest of our girls' names and are just so much fun. I love picking names. I do not like when Dh vetoes every one of the names on my list!
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