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Quote: Originally Posted by thehappydeer I think that the connection is so powerful that it could create pain through separation, but also so powerful that it can transcend separation. Are you basing that on your own experience with your own placenta? The one you were born with, I mean?
How is Joseph, now? Your last post doesn't mention if the EMTs got him breathing while you & the midwife were dealing with your bleeding. Is your dh with the baby in the NICU?
I don't understand why that is psychological abuse. Why is your dd afraid to use the boys' room? Are the boys also using it, or are they being asked to allow the girls to go in one at time?
Lie/lay is probably the most thing to keep track of in the English language! Because they're actually two separate (though closely related) words. Lie is something you do with your own body; Lay is something you do to something else. You lie on your pillow. You lay your baby on his pillow. The past tense of lie is lay, though. You lay on your pillow last night. The past tense of lay is laid. You laid your baby down last night. The past participle of lie is lain. She...
I just remembered that my ex was a big baseball fan, so to him it was "I'm on the DL." :
I call it different thing depending on who I'm talking to, and why I'm talking about it. At my gyno, it's my period. In mixed company it's "female stuff' or 'girl stuff.' When I was TTC, telling dh it had started, it was just "it" or "not good news." With girlfriends I usually call it The Menstrosity or The Bloody Flux, because those both make me laugh.
thanks everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by beautyful Freak! Takes one to know one.
Thanks! MissAnthrope, directed third party donations would make the world a better place very, very quickly. My sister tells people all the time that donation is not as hard as you may think, and more gratifying than you might imagine.
I'm not sure which forum this should be in, but I guess this will work. I am mostly a lurker here, but like most women with a newborn, I want to talk about him to everyone! Linus was born two years and 1 week after the kidney transplant that saved my life. He's healthy and beautiful and makes me that much more grateful to my donor, my sister.
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