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Quote: Originally Posted by homeschoolingmama For some reason when Amelie does something for the first time (like going to a friends house or when she slept at my parents a couple of months ago for ex.) she gets home and bawls. I think it is built up stress. She is very excited to go and very out going but it seems she needs a good cry when she gets back. Maybe J said some things that hurt and she waited til she got home to let it out. I have no idea....
Another Right Start family. Dislikes: Parents need to sit with child through every single lesson in early grades (although, really, this is one of the things that is so great about it, because you're discussing math with your child and interacting instead of just shoveling it at her and saying, "okay, now you go do this") "Yellow is the Sun" song taught in first couple of levels is incredibly dorky. We skipped it. The books could stand some more editing. Only...
Quote: Originally Posted by muttix2 I thought it was changed to the 15th this year? The celebration in many (most? all?) Catholic parishes was changed this year since the 17th falls in Holy Week. The 17th is still really St. Patrick's Day, though. It's just that the "party day" changed.
Did anyone see Erin's comment on Elly's Coffee Talk March 14th? So funny. I'd reprint it here, but wasn't sure if that violates some copyright issue.
Our piano teacher is a Suzuki teacher, and teaches that young and even younger. I'm not sure how she feels about it -- sometimes I have the impression she thinks that's too young. Then again, she really really enjoys middle school age kids (she teaches music at a local middle school, too), so maybe that's all I'm sensing from her. My kids were older when they started.
Quote: Originally Posted by lucimomster Tracy, a friend of mine wondered if she could make several smaller Treasure Maps that she could put into her dayplanner, instead of one big one? She's planning to make them during Aries New Moon, but just several smaller ones rather than one big one. She'll be travelling a lot next year and thought it would be better for her, to keep things more visible for her. I did that last year. I did 9 small...
Yeah, but I do have the impression that the point of life in FBoFW is to be paired off. Singles are somehow ... wrong. Are there any long-time singles who are normal?
I usually read it at Comics Curmudgeon.mostly because I think Josh's snarky take on Liz's life is hilarious. As a matter of fact, I used to be pro-Anthony until Comics Curmudgeon ruined that allegiance for me.
I'm in Missouri, and feeling guilty that I haven't done any T-Tapp in several weeks. Oops.
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