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Quote: Originally Posted by Chaka Falls I am a white woman! OMG! I am so happy! Yeah, and you drive a minivan.
We've all been there. Things should improve once this new moon is past.
Gosh, there are tons of choices for preschool...you could purchase a packaged curriculum (Oakmeadow and Sonlight spring to mind), you could buy or borrow a book from the library, you could use internet resources, you could simply hand out and have some fun...it just depends on what you want to accomplish. Are you wanting to emulate the type of preschool the other kids are doing? Around here that's a matter of playing, doing some arts/crafts, maybe having a swimming...
(that's kefir in the glass, of course!)
Yes, you MUST ferment or the NT-police will come pounding on your door, demanding you eat some sauerkraut immediately or else. Wait, no, that's not right. My dh thinks the fermenting part is sort of weird, too. I ferment stuff for me, invite others to try it if they so choose.
My DH - thanks me for fixing food for the family - works enough so I can be a SAHM - often comments that he's learned so much about parenting from me - fills the gas tank - works out daily so he can be my buff boy - tells me I look like a babe
I got dh a Bosu for Christmas (those are the things that look like a chopped-in-half exercise ball). It's in the family room. Biggest user -- 5yo dd; she *loves* to bounce on it. Second biggest user -- 9yo dd; she likes to flip it upside down and pretend she's surfing. So, now the family room has a rebounder, a Bosu, and a gym mat. They're constantly bouncing from couch to Bosu to rebounder. I will be so gald when the weather warms up and they can go outside more.
ooo, that looks nice! I love felted bags.
My kids are ignoring me....
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