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So funny to read these last few posts, because I actually forced myself to visit MDC today since I haven't been visiting hardly at all, and actually forget I'm pregnant most days too! It almost seems like one day out of the blue I'll just have the baby and THEN it will finally seem real, that we're having another baby. I guess I'm lucky that we don't have a lot to get ready really - we are having another boy, and just celebrated our son's first birthday, so even the...
We took Christopher for 1 year portraits:       He loved his cake:   The day after his party was his actual birthday - and he celebrated by taking his first steps :)  http://youtu.be/GHcBBQACRJM
Thanks for the congratulations everyone :) 
I haven't posted in awhile - hope you remember me!   Chris is doing great... crawling up a storm, clapping his hands, giggling like a maniac. He likes to sing along to songs and dance. No walking yet but it always seems like he's *almost* there.   Lots of changes going on around here. I went back to work full time in January (I work from home, but am pretty tied to my desk from 9-4) and we hired a nanny. She's awesome.  The only problem with her is that she's pregnant,...
I'm 39, mama to an 8yo daughter, a 9yo stepdaughter and a 8 month old boy. My baby will be born around my 40th birthday. I am SO tired and nauseous with this one... I remember being sick with my daughter 8 years ago, but with my son I wasn't, so I'm thinking maybe girl?
Chris had his 6 month checkup last week.    He weighed in at 23lbs and is 30.5" long
Chris says mummumumumum when he's crying and he wants me. He said "Hi Dada!!!" two mornings ago, and has each time he's seen daddy since.   My 7yo commented today that it sucks that he only says mama when he's crying and Daddy gets all the happy greetings with smiles.
typebug, I noticed that too! I forget which brand, either children's place or Carters, but their sleepers went up to 9 month in cute puppy dogs and whales and dolphins, then BAM the 12 months stuff was all dinosaurs and sharks and racing cars.   We had to switch car seats this week, from the baby bucket to the britax :\ He outgrew the length and was just getting too heavy to cart around in the bucket. It's a bit challenging though, he's not quite steady enough to sit...
Oh he's adorable Dia!
How many weeks old is your baby?   21 weeks   Just for fun, how big is your baby now?   He's still huge. I'm buying him 18 month clothes and they fit him perfectly. Wt 22 lbs Ht 29”   What new things is your baby doing now?   Rolling back to front, jumping like crazy and laughing in his jolly jumper. He's got two teeth and he bites HARD on fingers. Thankfully he's only bitten me once nursing and that was as he was falling asleep so I don't think...
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