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You have delivered children before. You are a big woman (not that little women can't deliver big babies too!) You will be FINE! If you are in any way worried about shoulders being stuck (dystocia) keep in mind that delivering in hands and knees position is well documented to completely solve that problem in many, many cases - no broken bones or cutting necessary! I delivered DD in a modified hands and knees position and have no idea if her shoulders would have been...
Hello all - fairly new to MDC. I have 2 children and am pregnant now and due in Sept. With DS I had no idea that such a thing as a sling existed - tried the Baby Bjorn type things and no way did they work for me! With DD (now 2) I had read all about slings and was SO excited to use one. I ordered a Maya Wrap. It was *practiced* on for HOURS and HOURS, but I think I only ended up wearing her in it less than 10 times, in the house, horribly uncomfortable each and...
I also think it depends on how you go into labor - with both my labors, there was no way I could have hung around and done ANYTHING - or rested! My labors started hard and stayed that way. Of course, I was dilated to 4cm both times before I even started "labor." That might have had something to do with it.
Hello - new here! Anyway, to answer the question, DS - went into labor at 4:30AM - gave birth at about 10AM DD - went into labor at 6:30 PM - gave birth at about 10PM
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