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We have had to toss applesauce and yogurt at security…also the frozen packs that keep food cold.
Did I write this? Oh my. My in-laws used to pull the same stunt....and a "pop in" is an entirely different thing when it means they ARE STAYING WITH YOU. I tried all sorts of tactics “just give us a call and let us know when you’re coming” and after a few years it was more direct “call first”. Nothing worked. My husband never could see why I found it so rude that they would just show up without letting us know to expect them (they lived 5 hours away from us). I...
Where/when my kids were in waldorf, the housing was cheap and the school was cheap comparatively. I think my daughter’s kindergarten was $5000.? It was hard to scrape up sometimes especially around the holidays. Here we are a few years down the road in a different state and income bracket….the local waldorf is 13,000.00//year. Two kids would be 26,000!!! It’s not like our old tuition. At $5,000 we cut out a car payment and canceled cable. It’s hard to think of a...
thank you for your replies!
My kids went to a waldorf school for parent-tot, preschool and kindy. We moved and they have now been in public school for three years. The new school year has me in a total funk. They get one 15 minutes recess a day and my fourth grader is bringing home an hour and a half of homework a night....I have a fantasy of somehow swinging a waldorf education for them but don't know much about what an actual day in the grades looks like. How much time do they get outside? How...
We saw them two years ago in Tacoma and they were awesome! I'm afraid that my getting-bigger-every-second kids would roll their eyes at me now if I suggested tickets. Sigh.
It's even funnier that it's on an announcement and not an invitation. Ummmnnn....we got married and we would like some cash from you.
No but we need to. We just got life insurance last year and the guy was reminding us that we really need to have a will...One step at a time! I should just walk around with a note in my pocket "do not let my mother-in-law have the kids"....you know, just in case.
when we lived in seattle/tacoma, we paid anywhere from $75-$100.00. This year in PA we got a gorgeous, huge tree from a nursery for $40.00. This seemed like a screamin' deal!
christy1980- It's funny but I don't remember all the details. I remember feeling relief hearing the parent's car pull up the driveway and wondering if the guy was still in the house (he had thrown a brick through the sliding glass door in the basement) When the parents came in and I told them what was going on, the dad went down to the basement and there was a bunch of yelling. We got in the car to drive to a phone. They called the cops and then took me home. I...
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