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There have been 10 reported infant deaths due to pertussis in California this year. I think the parents are doing the right thing. This is a choice you made, and if the tables were turned I'm sure you'd want your wishes respected.
Everybody is the perfect parent before they have kids. I wouldn't sweat it.
I know you aren't super thrilled about it now, but Vinyl fencing has a much longer life span, doesn't look like the vinyl siding you're thinking of, and you can get special paint and do your side if you want. Dh and I looked into it, and we were all for it. We like solid fences/walls, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by CatsCradle The thing that I find frustrating about these discussions (here at MDC) is the concept of attachment parenting and what that actually means. It is frustrating for me because I have seen and continue to see an extreme checklist approach to the philosophy which I thinks defeats the very purpose of attachment. Attachment is not born out of minutes and hours, but of bonds created through an attention to needs and...
lol nevermind.
For ticks, we do Advantix. It's just too bad around here for anything weaker. We also end up pulling a few ticks every couple of days. There's really nothing you can do to prevent them except to never let your dogs outside during tick season. You can lessen your instances by staying away from tall grassy areas and woody areas, but you will probably still end up with a few. Also, brush your dogs every time after they have been outside. We can usually get the majority of the...
We have had a couple of our bathmat sets for about 7 years now. We wash them frequently and they have held up well.
Can you rent a Rug Doctor? They have a special pet enzyme cleaner you can put in the machine that works really well on pet smells. As for the couch, well, the rug doctor also has an upholstery attachment you can use. I'd recommend scotch guarding your couch after this, or make a "No drinks on the couch" rule.
Military families travel back and forth with their pets all the time; there are only certain places that quarantine, and the majority of them are loosening up their requirements. Nothing about even doing it at home, in most states. Also, there are special airliners now specifically for pets, so the animals don't sit in the plan for hours like luggage, they get everything ready, then load up the pets right before the plane takes off. Much easier on the pets.
We have made it work since DS was born, we both WOH. Sometimes it's rough, often I spend a good chunk of my saturday cleaning inside while DH spends a good chunk of his saturday cleaning outside. We do what we can to get by. We haven't had family to fall back on, ever. They all live in a different country, send DS his gifts on birthdays and christmas but otherwise just kind of fade into the background. It is what it is, we both work 40+ hours a week, and still manage...
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