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I would qualify my last post with this: Make sure she doesn't get motion sickness. If I so much as look down at my lap while in a moving car, I get awful motion sickness. DS can play video games and watch movies and play with his legos or whatever, but DH and I both HAVE to look out the window in a moving vehicle. However, we have a trip we make every year to the alps, and it's about 4-5 hours. Towards the end, movies and games or not, DS always seems to need to throw...
We have all been using our portable DVD player for years, and it has had no effect on any of our eyesight. We use ours on long road trips, too. And flights, and stuff like that.
Look into europuppy, the dogs aren't quaratined for weeks coming into the states. You would meet the dog at the airport, go through customs, and take it home. They don't dock in a lot of european countries.
We have too many pets to not vacuum. Especially living in such an old house as ours (250+ years old) everything gets very dusty very quickly; a broom just wouldn't do the job.
I'd imagine all the natural children are outside playing in the sunshine, not inside typing away on a big plastic keyboard.
You realize they sell Waldorf toys at Toys R Us. Does that make them mainstream?
Truthfully we try to avoid most treats with our frenchie. He gets chunks of veggies, peanut butter, and sometimes a little bit of cheese. It's so hard to control his weight already that throwing sugary snacks into the mix would be a bad idea. I also worked really really hard to get all corn out of his diet, which keeps him about as unstinky as he's going to get lol.
We have one son. Dh and I have both WOHM since he was born (I took 6 weeks maternity leave). We do not have family to fall back on, as we live overseas. We have been on our own from the start, with very few even babysitters. We stagger our schedules and DS goes to care on base.
Go get them both tested for strep. It hits our house like that.
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