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I would get them tested. It can be spread if they get out of the house, and it can make them pretty sick if they do have it.
For the going to sleep/self soothing, I would just start by sitting with her. Or have your DH sit with her, so that she understands that there won't be nursing. Rub her back, talk softly to her, stroke her face, but don't pick her up or take her out of the bed. If she's got a lovey, encourage her to cuddle that. Maybe sing a soft song with her, tell a quiet story. For the weaning, maybe just try focusing on one at a time, either the night weaning or the nap weaning. I...
For grandparents' rights, they have to prove that it would be detrimental to the child for them to not be granted visitation. My mom threatened the same thing, but the problem with it is, they have to have an established relationship and bond already. If they don't, there's really nothing they can do. It sounds like she's talking garbage in an attempt to intimidate you.
Please don't withhold painkillers if they are helping her. Maybe not the whole dose, but at least something. Broken bones, even just a finger, hurts.
Truthfully, I would take him in just to get him checked out to ease your mind. It's likely that it's nothing, but head injuries aren't something that I like to mess around with. Do you have a nurse advice line you can call? We've used ours a bunch of times, and after they go through a bunch of questions with you, they can usually recommend that you either wait it out or go in. If they don't think it's urgent, ours can also book an appt for the next day if necessary.
Have you looked into doggy daycares, or somewhere that he can run out more of his anxiousness? How long is he exercised before you leave? At least 30 minutes of hard walking, or do you play for 30 minutes?
I wouldn't use anything scented or dyed on her, lotions, soaps, powders, oils. A lot of people tell you to use essential oils on excema, but I have had horrible outbreaks with essential oils. A very simple, unscented lotion that soaks into the skin (the oily stuff that just sits on the skin makes it worse for me), a mild soap if needed, otherwise just rinse with water, and I use a cortisone cream for the really bad outbreaks. I don't know if that's recommended for a...
I would also look at food first, and anything else that she might come in contact with. Laundry soaps, your lotions/perfumes, etc. I'm really sensitive to that as well.
I would teach him to walk beside you, not in front, but more because you want to be able to control his pulling. If he's way out in front already, and THEN starts to jump or yank at somebody or a good smell, it's harder to correct him. If he's right beside you, you can kind of see what's coming. We don't teach the dogs to walk behind us, but we do teach that we're in control of the walk, and they walk next to us or behind, but not in front. Has nothing to do with...
I pre-rinse/scrape at the same time I'm handwashing the big pots/pans/knives. It takes almost no extra time, just a quick rinse to get the chunks off, and the water is already running anyways. I love my dishwasher.
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