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Haven't had AC since I left Cali 10+ years ago. I think its just portions of the US that feel you *have* to have AC, most places pay a lot more for electricity and so it's a waste. German houses are mostly cement walls, and it keeps the house nice and cool in the summer. Cold, almost. Although in the winter, it's not that great lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by North_Of_60 While I wouldn't do such an extended sit/stay/wait every night at dinner, I certainly don't think it's cruel. Kicking him in the ribs or throwing him out of a moving vehicle is cruel. Waiting for a bowl of kibble? Not cruel. However, the fact that she has accomplished such an advanced obedience command is really commendable. He CAN do it, which is good. Commands like that can save a dog's life, and EVERY dog, in...
Can you have somebody come over for a few hours during the day to help with the kids?
I'd start researching dogs, truthfully. Our rottweiler is not a dog that enjoys being alone. We got a second dog, a little frenchie, for her, and she was thrilled. They played hard all the time, she took care of him like her baby, the sun seemed to rise and set on that pup for her. And then he was stolen, and I swear she was so sad and depressed and we just couldn't pull her out of it. We started "Borrowing" a friends' dog, they'd drop her off during the day so she had...
Everything North_of_60 said, plus, maybe bring over a couple of baby gates so that the baby and the dog can be easily separated.
Just don't wait too long to call the vet if it is needed; we waited only a day (didn't think we had to call on a sunday) and our dog's nail ended up infected, she had to take antibiotics and we had to soak it in a special fluid for 2 weeks.
I would check her nail, and see if there's anything embedded. If you can't figure it out, and she's still doing the same thing after a couple of hours, I'd take her in because it might be something you can't see, and the feet get infected so fast when there's an open sore/wound.
Between those 3 things, you pretty much have the basics covered. The dog needs more exercise, your son needs more boundaries enforced WRT the dog, and you would all benefit from a good trainer. You won't find a magic bullet answer that fixes the problem in 10 minutes like they do on TV. The dog needs more exercise and attention, bottom line. Also, the dog nipped at your son because that is how dogs communicate; when body language or growls and barks don't work/aren't...
They make anti-barking collars, we looked into one before we figured out that blocking the see-through fence stopped most of the barking for our dogs. They are sound-activated and spray a little squirt of citronella into the dogs mouth, which tastes yucky.
Quote: Originally Posted by MeepyCat Sadly, some people respond to difficult circumstances by casting furiously around for assurance that bad things will not happen to them. In some cases, this takes the form of suggesting that a better chiropractor, or more time could have fixed the problem, or that the whole nightmare was caused by processed foods, or CIO. If they can identify what you did wrong, they can sleep easier, knowing it won't happen to their...
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