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You'll probably be carrying a backpack anyways, just put one of the insulated lunchboxes in it with a cold pack. Take refillable water bottles and fill them at drinking fountains. I say this only from the experiences we've had at german amusement parks. Haven't been to one in the states in years.
I am admittedly more judgemental towards people who buy houses they can't afford, as opposed to people who rent apts they can afford because they have no huge maintenance costs. We rent, and have rented for quite awhile now. If we'd known way back when that we'd be here for so long, we would have bought a house, but only because of the resale value around here. We are very lucky that, right now, we have a fantastic landlord who comes over the minute we call for...
I have to get mine done, or else I end up looking like the love child of Bert and a sasquatch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tigerchild Perhaps this is yet another manifestation of the higher the income the higher TEH EVIL that seems to run rampant on MDC in cycles, but it's still kind of sad to me nevertheless. This.
Sounds like my car when the rotors wore down. Those are expensive to fix, hopefully they are still thick enough that you can just get them turned (much cheaper). If not, you might be able to find a decent set at a u-pull it place.
I get tired of the "I just wanted SUPPORT!!" for every thread that might have a dissenting view. I think that throws a lot of people off of posting a response, when it seems like people just want blind support, not any other answers or ideas.
I loved the wiggles because they weren't the same songs you hear on every other kids show. I may have had the fruit salad song stuck in my head a few times though.
Our tap water here isn't that bad, but we filter it through a brita pitcher. We've always used the pitcher, I just fill it up, let it filter, and then pour it into a second filter. That way we've always got two full pitchers of drinking water.
Quote: Originally Posted by AbbieB Wow. Not one parent is concerned about all of the junk in sunscreen and think it is overkill to apply it to a child multiple times a day, everyday? I NEVER put sunscreen on my daughter if we are going to a shady park or when I let her play out in the shady yard. The only time I do is when we are going to a sunny place and spending a lot of time there (like the beach or a pool). She has NEVER been burned, or pink for...
Quote: Originally Posted by momtosimon It's certainly not that I am disrepcpecting her wishes because I dont care. Its just that, I dont put it on my ds because of the chemical issue and my yard is very protected by the shade.... so I dont see a need to put it on the other kids either, except for water days of course. I have done daycare for three summers in this house and I have never had anyone get burned. This is the first summer that this...
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