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We also use NFP and love it! I also agree with Michigan Mama and Mamatoabunch! No side effects, it has brought us closer to each other as well as God, and believe that their are no accidents.
I had a mc the month before I got pg with our 4th son. So, it is okay to have a mc and get pg the next month, and it is possible. It may be too early for a test to show up in your face positive. If you are able to wait a day or several days and retest.
I have my moments as well...and I think that we all will experience it at least once. I mean we are only human. For me if I don't let myself get caught up in the moment praying works. I will say a Hail Mary, or the St. Michael the Archangel prayer. Oh, sometimes I even say,"Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ wash over me." That really seems to help.
but it stuck me funny when I realized it was a commercial for a bed. it brought tears to my eyes, then I was cracking up at the end...because it was a commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp8z29mddU4
I bet your husband feels really bad about your sons eye. I am sure it was an accident. I have done things to my children on accident. I have been cleaning and turn around not realizing that a little one was right there and ran them over, I have shut my ods fingers in the door of our truck, and the list goes on and on. Accidents happen sometimes. I agree with oh, I am sorry I don't remember who said it, but that it could be more of a mil issue. Don't start second...
My friends yds would say,"Aw, pickles." She doesn't know how he came up with that one but it was really cute and funny.
I am a Traditional Roman Catholic, and as a Catholic I find it upsetting that some of you think and feel the way you do about the Catholics. I am just afraid that you do not have the full understanding of the Catholic faith. I was once the same way but now that I know the truth I see that I was wrong in how I viewed the Catholic Church. As for your mother, honey she just freaked out it has nothing to do with her being a Catholic. The Catholic Church holds babies and...
I found you. I was looking for a thread with traditional in it. LOL Anyway, I acutally bought a mag. the other day. I haven't had a subscription for a few years now. I want to start it back up, and I am going to hint to hubby to get me one for my birthday. I am pg again!! We are so excited and happy. I am extremly tired. Amy, were you really tired with MT? I just want to go to sleep...I even wake up tired!
Hugs and prayers for everyone. We had a great time with brandon and the food was a hit. I am so tired. I need to go to bed. hugs, love, and prayers for all of you.
We will be gone all day tomorrow. We are going to go and stay with Brandon. We are taking him some food as well. We will be back sometime on Sunday. God Bless you all and have a wonderful weekend.
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