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Hi friends, I am a waldorf early childhood teacher and mother of two. I currently run a waldorf preschool on Vashon Island, WA. I truly love my work but I don't think Vashon has the population to form a strong group of waldorf families. Also, it is too expensive to buy a house here! We are looking to relocate to somewhere in Washington or Oregon that has a great community, and a need for waldorf preschool/kindergarten or childcare. Thank you for any leads you may...
Here is my blog with lots of smiles! click below:
: Myla Joy : Due: 8/8/08 Born: July 24, 2008 at 12:20 PM 7lbs 13oz 21 inches Born naturally at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Seattle. It was a beautiful birth!!!! Photos: http://sakuraphotography.com/blog/ba...wborn-session/ More Photos and Birth Story: http://www.tenzinkaipeanutbutterpie.blogspot.com/ Congratulations Everyone!!!
I went because my 3 yr old son LOVES to go, and I promised him a trip before the baby so we could just have family time away from the house. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have gone. I would do it again for him- not just for myself for any reason however! I was happy that I could fit in my mummy bag! (even if getting in and out was a royal pain in the ass!) Another thing to consider is how often you pee at night... this was the hardest thing for me. I had a...
I appreciate all of your stories, and feel a lot better hearing them. Especially interesting about the cord being around the neck possibly saving a prolapse. I was wondering if a prolapse would be more common with the cord wrapped, but makes sense that it would possibly prevent it. I have decided to stay with the B/C and my midwives as they seem really OK with it. When I asked the Dr. at the u/s if she could possibly unwrap herself she plainly said "no" hummmm.......
I just had a u/s to make sure my placenta moved up, and it had- yay! Then they informed me that the baby has the cord twice around the neck. Does anyone have any experiences with this? My midwife doesn't seem concerned, and said that they will deal with things if they arise. I feel worried that I should be in a hospital should they arise... I have of course read scary stories on the net (bad idea!) Any advice, experiences would be appreciated!
That is a great picture! Love it!
I thought of James before I opened the post! EVERYONE said James. Just seems like the obvious choice I guess!!! Good luck!
Thanks for reminding me that I must do *something* with it. It completely forgot to appear on my long to do list... With my last I didn't know what to do with it as we were renting in Hawaii. I kept it in my freezer for 18 months... We knew we'd move and didn't know what to do with it.. Finally before we moved away we tied it to a coconut and threw it in the ocean. It was a symbolic way of saying that a palm tree could grow anywhere and maybe we'd find it someday....
I am due 8/8/08 and live on Vashon Island. It would be great to get together with some other pregnant mama's if we are close enough (or could meet somewhere central) It Would be great to have a little celebration of our coming births together!
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