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I would take those comments as very inappropriate, and would ask for a meeting to discuss the situation with the principal. If it weren't so near the end of the school year, I'd be considering asking to change classes, but with only a few weeks left for most schools it would likely be more disruptive than helpful.  
Don't forget to include holidays, including the Lunar New Year, in your proposed schedule. The goal is to address as much as you possibly can in the parenting plan, so you DON'T have to change things unless absolutely necessary. If Lunar New Year is important to you, note that you get custody every year. He can have her every Groundhog's Day in exchange, if he's into the tit for tat thing.
My birthday is September 18, and I started K when not quite 5. Was always the youngest in my class. I was technically too young, and past the cut-off, but went to K and 1st at a private school. Academically and socially I was ready for school when younger, but I do have to say that as I grew older things got harder. Being as much as a year behind many of my classmates registered more during puberty/adolescence than in the elementary years. I got interested in boys...
Finished one more gnome, and am working on the hat for the last one I'm assembly-lining. 5/52
1 grocery bag full of yucky old craft projects 1 large cardboard box 15 small items and the box they were stored in 754/2010
27 magazines recycled 32 outgrown baby clothes items to charity 7 out of season clothing items I don't like enough to store to charity 14 assorted pieces of clutter to the trash 736/2010
I completed four of the little gnomes I'm knitting for my kids. I somehow had the pieces for an extra green one (I constructed these assembly-line), and a friend was admiring them, so I gave her that one. I have two more to complete, and one that I need to make from start to finish, and then I'll be done with the gnomes! :-)
Just a quick note that I'm bowing out. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the few other threads I'm participating in, and don't want to just drop this without saying so.
Last Saturday we really went on a tear and cleared out a BUNCH of stuff. I couldn't keep track of what dh sorted out, and I'm estimating (low) for my stuff because I lost the paper I had my hash marks on..sigh... I will say that we took an entire pickup's worth of trash to the dump, as well as another load to a local charity. I'm estimating the day's total at 400 items, since I had well over 350 before losing my page. So, 656/2010.
I had a fairly lousy week and spent most of it either in bed or wishing I were in bed, so no crafting accomplished. I only have a little way to go towards completing several knit gnome babies, so I'm looking forward to getting them done. I made several of them already for Christmas, and have the assembly line process down.
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