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Hmm.. I dont see an option to vote for ' every time '. but, i tip every single time. well, barring some total screw up on the stylist's fault.
I'm not sure that they can FORCE him to vax. I and my DH both work in the healthcare field. We were offered the vax. He took it and I delcined. I did have to sign a statement to the effect that I knew I could be exposed to Hep B & was declining the company's free vax.
All in all, I think the whole weaning issue should have been handled in a better way. And does anyone else find it odd that this woman runs a daycare but had to go on a teach me how to parent show? If I found out my DCP needed Super Nanny, I'd probably yank my kid out of her care. AND WHY DOES A 14 MONTH OLD BABY NEED TO BE INDEPENDANT?
There is some positive here, though. This is a baby that was BF'd for 14 months. I have some patients who nurse for 6 weeks- or not at all.
The mother is saying that she doesn't know HOW to wean the baby. I don't get that- she's got 2 older kids. How'd they wean? ETA What's so wrong with 'mum' being a pacifier?
Well, at least she doesn't advocate spanking.
What goes in after the coyote
I currently have a cart at Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie.com both total about $5000.
Unfortunatley, this was a comon occurrence at my old employer. Severeal of us would get "skipped" every pay week. No, DD lots of bounced checks. Every week, we'd be told " Sorry, we'll just have to double it next pay period". After 2 or 3 months of this, several of us banded together. We sat down in the CEO's outter office and said we weren't leaving until we got a check. The CEO kept feeding us BS about how it might take a while for HR to write the checks,...
loved the guys. Amanda Peet not so much
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