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Try this calculator: http://www.bankrate.com/brm/calc/savecalc.asp As for the best way, well, that depends on what the money is for. Unless you're saving for a goal that's more than 10 years away, I'd stick with a high-interest savings account like ING. What are you saving for?
Wow, that will definitely be a challenge -- very impressive! A&A, the Netflix vs. books decision would obviously be a matter of simple personal preference, but I'd opt for Netflix over purchasing books, too. For $9/mo, I can see as many movies as I want. It's like a paid library service. For $0/mo, I can read as many books as I want from the library. Owning the book usually isn't that important to me, so yep, I'd go for Netflix over book ownership.
YES! We've had two foreclosures in our neighborhood and one short sale. We've also had one "regular" sale of an average house, and one regular sale of a beautifully remodeled, upscale home. When we had our house appraised just a couple of weeks ago for refinancing, all the houses I mentioned above were listed as comps because they took place in the last 3-5 months, and the foreclosures and short sale definitely had an impact on what our house ended up appraising for. ...
If it's at least a double or a queen, you could also cut it down to make twin-sized sheets for your child's bed.
And this is why I come here with questions -- I hadn't thought of it from those angles. We are in the process of building a sizable emegency fund, so I wasn't just going to go shopping with the $200 or the Feb. payment; I was going to put it into our savings. Still, I see what you mean about reducing the overall debt load. I think I'll make our usual HELOC payment, but I'm still going to use the Feb. money and whatever money we get back in escrow (should be $1,000 or...
We're in the process of refinancing our primary mortgage and our HELOC. (We're going to save $400 a month -- I'm : !!!) The HELOC is still in a period where we're technically only required to pay the interest accrued each month, but we've always doubled that amount so that we're paying down the principal as well. Now that we're in the midst of refinancing, though, I'm looking at our January HELOC bill, and I'm not sure what to do. Our first new payment for the new...
I agree with the assertion that many equities are now undervalued. The NY Times is saying that some stocks and funds are as cheap now as they were in or around 1985, so since we are still 30 years away from retirement, I'm glad that my retirement money always goes into the market on the 10th of every month. I'll be getting 'em for cheap today! That didn't stop my heart from skipping a few beats when I noticed that our grand total is down over 40% from a year ago,...
I read this article about the balance between tithing and meeting your own needs not too long ago, and the discussion that followed (in the comments) was very interesting as well: http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/20...e-their-homes/ A bit long, I know, but worth reading IMO.
Excellent idea. We've been saving our points to put toward a dishwasher, but I think I'll just go ahead and cash my points in for gift cards now. Sears gift cards don't lose their value over time, and I know we're going to need that new dishwasher in the next 6 months anyway, so I'd really, really hate to lose my points if something were to happen. Thanks for the tip!
No one has mentioned Costco, and I think they have the best price by far: $10.99 for a 2 lb bag. :
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