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Check out http://www.newmoon.com - they have a magazine and an active website and community for free thinking girls. Plus it's ad free!
Thanks everyone for your feedback. She spoke to the judge and he offered her a 6 month extension...she explained that this would not be long enough so he extended that to a year. Basically, once he heard that she was a primary caretaker and breastfeeding he did not put up a resistance to her postponing, although the time period is too short in my opinion. She will have to go back in a year if she wants more time. She is happy with this outcome, the judge was very...
Thanks for responding polykow. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago as well..but they are not making it so easy on my sister. They have rejected her request for an exemption and are making her meet with the judge before the selection process tom. We are hoping that the judge will excuse her but I guess we won't know until tom. I was just hoping there was a law in place to back her up.
I am lost...I cannot seem to figure out if MN has an exemption for breastfeeding mothers from Jury Duty. Everywhere I visit mentions MN in a list of 5 states that do but all I can find is a law that was proposed but never passed. See below. My sis is being told she must complete jury duty despite being a full time stay at home breastfeeding mom and she needs to know the laws before tom morning when she meets with the judge. If there is none she will try other things but in...
Very cool, my daughter is too big but I'm getting one for my nephew. We should put some pressure on them to make bigger ones!
Pretty in your face..but better than Breasts Fun for Daddy None for Baby
There is nothing more difficult than sticking to your guns around those people who are most important in your life, and are supposed to be supporting you. It takes a strong mama!
Thanks for the ideas...like I said we do alot of stuff together me and her and dad, but she has no siblings so circle time is kind of hard We have a blast at home and on our own field trips but I'd like to get her involved in the community a little more. She loved the community ed classes we took together so much, I only wish their was more variety. I have been thinking along the lines of a language class for preschool age kiddos through community ed, as well a...
I am not sure which one you are thinking of... have you tried blogger.com, livejournal and wordpress? Good luck.
I have no experience with building an outdoor playhouse (yet ) but I did build our off-grid home with my husband. What it is going to cost and how much effort it takes depends largely on what you want to build. Really for a playhouse I can't see why buying plans would be necessary, you could make some up yourself pretty easily. If your planning a stick frame construction a local hardware store can easily give you a list of materials based on your basic plan(just draw up...
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