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I have been stepmom to my SD for about 6 years. During that time i have gone from not disciplining at all to disciplining her. It has been gradual, and I have always discussed everything with DH as well. There is not physical discipline at all. She now lives with us so now there is more discipline than when she was just with us alternate weekends. Her mother re-married to a man that lived with them for quite a while. I do not believe that he ever disciplined SD...
My dsd is living with us now. She moved in in April. I think she loves it here - she has her dad, me, her baby sister (6 mos), the dog and the cat. She was living with her mother until she remarried. Then the grandparents and now us. I know exactly how you all feel. Love her, but don't like her sometimes, etc. I have been her stepmom since she was 5 and she is now almost 12. These last few months have been hard but we are getting there.
My dd is 6 mos, and my dsd is 12 next month. We used to have dsd every other weekend. She moved in with us in April. I am glad she is here. At least she has a permanent home and family now instead of living with her mom sometimes and her grandparents most times. My poor dsd - has so much baggage. She means so much to her dad and has been spoiled by her family because of the circumstances of her birth (born at 28 weeks). She is physically fine now and is...
Wow! I know just how you feel! Does this only happen when your DH is away? just a thought. As far as a suggestion of how to fix it, I don't know. sorry.
Thanks everyone!
Hi I live in the UK and the Health Visitors and Midwives that I had told me about Nestle. They did say that it is mainly the coffee (Nescafe) that is boycotted here, but some other things are too. I mostly boycott them. I did not know that my fav. bottled water is owned by Nestle.
Hi Everyone! Glad to be here! I am Kelly, and have a 6mos old baby girl and an 11 yr old step daughter. I am American, DH and SD are British, and DD is a dual citizen! Thanks! Kelly
there is a great co-sleeper available. It is made by First Years. We bought it at Target, but not sure if Target is in Canada. We used it when we were in the states visiting my parents. It folds up and has a handle. She loved it because it could be used between us in a soft bed or it could be used in a travel cot. Very portable and comfy. http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sin=B00012CHFI Good luck!
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