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So for the record, I am an engineer and a scientist, hence I always ask where the money is coming from.  Follow the money.  Facts are relative when not all sides are presented.  Many pharm companies are master manipulators of their data.
I love it when the, I've been here longer than you knives come out.   Calm, thanks for all the info!
A good Waldorf school will actual be very academic.  It starts slowly and builds until 8th grade.  I don't who this reading fairy you are talking about is.  Both of my kids didn't read in 1st grade except for very simple words.  By the end of 2nd grade, one was reading chapter books.  The other took until the end of 3rd grade.  Now neither of them had anything like dyslexia but both of their teachers were very aware of what was going on in the class and identified the...
So if anyone is still interested, we chose the Waldorf High School and it was the right choice.  My son couldn't be happier.  He has wonderful teachers.
I have a 9th grader and a 7th grader both of whom started in Waldorf Kindergarten at age 4.  My ds is loving Waldorf HS.  It is so completely different than grades 1 - 8 or Kindergarten.  I have never had any of your concerns come up in our 10 plus years at Waldorf.  Usually if there is a problem, it is social problem or a teacher problem.  We have been fortunate to have not experienced either.  Friends of ours who have, have moved their kids to a different Waldorf...
Our school has done a play every grade year, many involving swords but never live steel.  The swords in our plays are usually wooden.  How odd they decided to use live steel with children this age.
Well, I have worked with Calm as a healer and I have known her for over 10 years.  I trust her and her knowledge.
Sorry to come late to this discussion.  Calm, is this something one can buy in the US?   I am really surpised at the amount of acrimony this alternative healing has caused here at Mothering.  I had always thought that the parents of Mothering were more open to non-Western medicine.
We looked at both and found Montessori to be cold. The children were often rude to one another and no one corrected them. They spent too much time inside and were not allowed to play in the dirt or climb trees. It was too academic focused. We found a lovely Waldorf school and fantastic Kindergarten teachers. The kids spent every day outside rain or shine, climbed trees, dug in the dirt and sand and imagination was king/queen. My son is graduating from 8th grade...
My son is okay with either but I really think this is probably the last big decision we will be making for him. If he had a firm opinion, I would take it in mind but I feel like I still need to be there guiding him. So anyone? Was it worth it?
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