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My twins will be 5 later this month. I was actually coming here to find some reassurance that everything I'm going through with them right now is normal! So thank you!!!
My girls just turned four yesterday - 2/24. I feel like I just had them a week ago - it's gone so fast! Shortly after birth, 34w healthy & strong after TTTS And about a month ago: Crazies. In both photos, Paloma (Baby B/donor) is on the left and Nieves (Baby A/recipient) is on the right.
Look at me, putting "required" like that twice. Redundant, much?
If, for whatever reason, there is a problem with baby B - let's say that they needed to c/s - you would have to go under general anesthesia. I don't know that it's "required" - but I understand why they want to do it. I don't know that it is "required," though - I birthed in the US and hadn't had an epidural with my pitocin. Nobody told me that the epi was mandatory - I opted to get it when the pitocin ctx were just too much, but then the girls were delivered so quickly...
singleton 7lbs. 2oz @ 37w3d TTTS twins 4lbs12oz and 3lbs4oz @ 34w singleton 7lbs9oz @ 39w
I just feel like it's too sad to let it die, after I just sat and read every single post. I'm Kathleen, and I'm married to a guy whose parents are Cuban...my mom keeps waiting for me to pop out a kid with an Irish name but none of them sound right with 'lopez'
I don't have familiarity with that stroller. I had a side-by-side MacLaren and a single MacLaren. For times we'd be out in the city, I would wear a baby, stroller a single baby, and my 2 year old would walk next to me. Other times, I'd wear a baby & do a 2yo and a baby in the stroller. Actually, when they were newborns, I had a borrowed Emmaljunga and my son would ride in one side and both babies would be snuggled in a carseat together (they were tiny) in the other...
Quote: Originally Posted by anthasam I completely agree with your post. However, how would you explain complex diet-related consequences to a young (say 3 yo) child? I explain that foods like veggies and fruit, cheese, etc are good for her and make her grow, etc but I have trouble explaining the whole "too much sugar is bad" thing. Just like that: Sugar is not a healthy growing food. [insert food] is.
I have id dds who will be 4 in feb & it's been very difficult here lately, too...also have a 5yo son & 3mo dd (nak!) hugs & commiseration; wish i had advice!!
Haha, that sounds like when I wanted to wean my twins - shortly after they were 2, I guess, and I picked up the "nursing mother's guide to weaning," which basically has a gazillion chapters dedicated to talking you out of weaning! I was able to nurse my son all the way through my twin pregnancy, and weaned him shortly after they were born (they were 2.) And then when the girls were just about 3, I found out I was pregnant again and had to stop nursing them pretty...
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