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Oh, you bet I'll hold off until he's sure! He knows it's his choice.
My guy has decided to stop on his fifth birthday, which is next week. He's allergic to shellfish, so... assuming all goes to plan... For myself, I am going to go to the wharf and buy me the biggest, fattest Dungenness crab I can find. I am going to crack it and eat it standing up. Then I'm going to scarf down a huge shrimp cocktail. I can't wait! Actually, I've been waiting for five years, and while I've treasured the nursing, I've sure missed the crab.
Good to read all these. My ds is three and a quarter and nurses 5-8x a day, plus once or twice at night. I'm seven weeks pregnant, and all of a sudden my family is suggesting I wean. Not that they think I'm damaging the children, just that my body can't take it. I've always been really thin and my parents are worried I'll just whittle away to nothing. I won't, of course, and luckily dh and my midwife are really supportive of EBF. Not that I can imagine weaning my...
We did a freestanding birth center for ds#1, mainly because in NC, where we then lived, only unlicensed lay midwives could (practically) attend births, and we couldn't afford somebody who wasn't licensed and therefore ineligible for any insurance payments. It was a hard enough fight to get the birth paid for at all, as dh was laid off once and forced to change insurance twice while I was pregnant. We live in CA now and are planning a homebirth with a licensed lay...
Hey all, just peed on a stick and we're looking at November 28. Whoo hoo!!! This will be number two. I think I have to go turn some cartwheels or something!
Just found out #2 is on the way, November 28. I'm so incredibly psyched. Planning a home birth. #1 was born 2/21/00 naturally in a birthing center and is still a very avid nurser. Go tandem!
Well, I do lie to our current doc. We moved in August and are still shopping around. This guy seems to have no problem with anything AP, but the first thing he did was prescribe flouride supplements for my son. I threw away the scrip, but when he asked if ds was taking it, I said yes. It wasn't the best thing to do, but I didn't feel like going into it, as we were there to get stitches out and my son was too freaked out to linger for anything. Whatever. At least he doesn't...
Thanks, y'all. I just hate that we can't keep him protected forever -- and know just typing that what incredible privilege it describes. Many people in our city don't have any choice in the matter. Guns are a part of their everyday lives. I guess guns (and the people who shoot them) are part of ours now, too. At least there is a lot of other awful stuff we can keep from him for a while. Sigh.
We've tried pretty hard to shelter 3yo ds from current events, tv, and violence in general, but today he saw a picture of a soldier (at the library -- grr!). "What that thing he holding, mama? What he do?" And for the first time, I felt like I couldn't prevaricate. He can see right through it now. So I told him. "He's holding a gun. It shoots little things really fast out the end, and if they hit you, you can die. They frighten me terribly." He wanted to...
Steve is also an incredible hottie. Ah, those small skinny guys with nice smiles.... Joe is so not my type.
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