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"A person's a person, no matter how small."- Dr. Seuss
I am in the same boat- weighing more space vs. not having too much! I know either way the kids are always going to be right.behind.me.
My tip for packing soft items (blankets, pillows, plush toys, etc.) is to put them in heavy trash bags. If your bags are black, a metallic marker works well to label them. Then you can roll the bags down the stairs, throw them off the deck, toss them on top of everything else in the truck once it's loaded where nothing else will fit... HTH!
So Tracy, would the four days end this on Thursday the 20th, or Saturday the 21st? I'm not sure if I am supposed to count the 17th as the first day, or count from the 17th. TIA!
I had a UP/UC with #3. Since I had gone 11-14d overdue with my other two pregnancies, I decided to try acupunture with dd2. I had the 'induction' treatment on her due date, and she was born 8 days later. I didn't feel that the labor was 'pushed', rather, that energy was cleared to make space for my labor to begin. My actual labor was an easy 5 hours (so easy that I didn't think I was really in labor the first couple hours) and an 8 minute 2nd stage. DD started up...
I completely support keeping a pregnancy from those who do not wish to respect your decisions. MIL had this idea in her head that she would be in the delivery room for dd1's birth, despite us telling her it wasn't going to happen. She seriously burdened us with her constant harassment about wanting to be at the birth. One night we went to a friend's house and forgot our cell phone, MIL called every hospital in our area looking for us, afraid we were having the baby...
Our UC was amazing, it did so much to heal the pain from our loss. It was an awesome bonding experience for DH and I, and I think it helped with the sibling bond as well. It was my easiest birth ever. I am so grateful to dd that she led us to birth her unassisted.
That is good to know, although to be honest, I felt safer waiting till after the fact to make it known that we birth unattended. Who can accuse you of being reckless if *cough* the baby arrives *cough* before the midwife (ever) does? Maybe I am just paranoid, but I do know that CPS does not look fondly upon UCers.
Not a UC, but my mom is barely 5'1" (and was about your weight pre-baby), and she had my sister and I drug-free and without complications. We were 7 1/2lbs and 8lbs. HTH!
Yes. Tested at 150, and completely miseable in the public schools despite being in the gifted programs... DH was never tested but is very smart, if not smarter then me He also languished in public schools, before hitting his stride in college. I think we're gonna homeschool DS
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