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best wishes!
I didn't leak in either of my pregnacies and had c-sections for both of them. and all my children (even my premature twins) were exclusively breastfed. by day three I needed to switch bras so my milk came in fine.
you might want to start by finding out which countries will allow you in and work from there.
little italy
I'll join in! I have only a few friends that aren't in my computer. I lost contact with alot of people during the first two years with twins. I'm in Canada as well (bababa, I'm in downtown Toronto) Mostly I'm lonely because my marriage is in such a disconnected sad state.
another crunchy nnurse : I have worked part-time in acute care neurosciences for five years now. wow! five years flies by!
I think we all need protection from the mainstreem!
I had a scheduled c-section at 34 weeks 4 days r/t to issues with the babies (monoamniotic, cordentanglement) but never needed bed rest and felt I could have gine longer I'd never had a contrcation at that point.
I'm not talking about living up to my ideals. but just not doing well enough as a parent to be happy with myself. my kids are frustrating me (3.5 year old twins), we have no routine or schedule, everything is so random and chaotic, I rely too much on the TV b/c I am so frazzled. I have this vision of peaceful interaction, an electronics free existence (but don't take away my internet ) learning and laughing and life being full of nature and art and joy! : : just...
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! they are trying me I'm sure it's developmentally normal. (right?) I have never used punishment or rewards with them but life isn't working now. just talking and roll playing about behaviour isn't getting us anywhere I have tried time outs for the violent acts (pinching and pushing mostly with occasional bites and smacks) but it seems really ineffectual (been doing it a few months with no...
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