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I like Dr Bull and Dr Vohmann- both family practice docs at Capitol clinic.
Is home birth out of the question for you? It is much less expensive- around $2500 for the local practices here. I went through this with my first child- we paid out of pocket for MBC but ended up at the hospital. Please feel free to PM me with questions.
Ingrid Andersson www.gentlehomebirth.org was my midwife with my second and third child. She was a good fit for me. Debbie Healy and Britt Wanta have a practice www.openarmsmidwifery.com, as does Leah Hatcher www.leahhatcherbabycatcher.com. All are wonderful, skilled midwives. Each has their own unique practice style, so your best bet is to talk with them and see who fits best with your personal expectations.
I was due last November in the midst of a ton of H1N1 fear mongering. I completely understand how hard this decision is. I'm going to second the person above who said focus on Vitamin D... you should get your levels up for nursing anyhow, and flu protection is also a big plus. I would never get a vaccination while pregnant. Period. End of story for me. I would never dismiss someone who was nervous about it, especially not someone who's been through a lot with a special...
Debbie and Britt are both wonderful. I would absolutely recommend them. As far as personality and practice styles, I think that really depends on the person. There are a number of options for homebirth midwives in Madison, so you really can interview a few and decide which one works best for you.
I joined too.
Not vaccinating. I was a little nervous about getting him into the "system" but found a lovely Dr who actually did a home visit for our two month appt. Vaccine injury is a real risk in our family, so we're not even chancing it again. Thankfully our Dr agrees.
Oliver is 7 weeks. Nursing is going pretty well. He's a little over 11 pounds now. Starting to creep his way up to 3-6 month clothes. Smiling lots, cooing, and really responding to all of us. He's next to me now kicking his feet around like a mad man! I have unfortunately had a flare of ulcerative colitis, worst possible time for this to happen. In hindsight, I saw it coming, but I didn't really do anything about it until it got really bad. The past few days have been a...
I wish I could leave a positive reply. I knew to expect them with this last baby (my third) and had afterease, arnica, cal/mag and ibuprofen on hand... nothing worked. I had a huge rice sock, I stood in the shower, I emptied my bladder often... still I just had to get through the first few days of awful.
Hard to say. Every birth is different. My experience with my first was sort of masked by lots of medication. I only threw up with him in early labor. I had nausea/heartburn during active labor, but no throwing up. Second baby, I threw up a few times as I hit transition (best guess, no checks) Third baby I was nauseated for most of active labor, gave a few hard gags in transition (again, best guess, no checks) but no vomiting.
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