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Ugh, I lost my job last Thursday (due to economic reasons, not due to my own performance, they will, at least, give me good recs and such, would love to hire me back should work pick up again). Just wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat. I have a few weeks severance, and am hoping that something comes along that will work. I realize I may have to take a hefty pay cut and that worries me, I must say.   Can we share a hug?
Have you talked to her, when she's calmer, about having respect for herself? Something like - she's worth too much to you and should be worth too much to herself, to be with a boy who would place her so low in his own respect that he cheats on her? You love her so much it hurts to see her demean herself by accepting a boy who's willing to treat her so badly.To tell her to demand he show respect for her by treating her right, respecting her own boundaries and all that?...
OMG Jeannine - I was starting to think we were the only people in the world with such ridiculous problems... No advice, but so sorry for what you're going through. Headache after headache.
Usually, on a night like described in the OP I don't drink. I might veg out in front of a movie or read. I voted 3+ because rather occasionally I will have a few beers or glasses of wine in one night. I, like Subliminal Darkness, have both a high tolerance, like the taste of beer or wine, and I too, do like the effect. So, maybe a few times a year, I'll treat myself. But in general we don't keep alcohol in the house, just every so often.
Quote: Originally Posted by Skippy918 Yes on this! Working saves my sanity too. There are those weekends when DS is whiney and cranky cause he refused to nap or eat and I can't wait for Monday to roll around. AMEN! Yeah I have those times too. Quote: Originally Posted by DariusMom All this, especially the part about dads. Nothing irritates me more than letting dads off the hook. Somehow dads still "raise their kids" even if...
I planned 10 weeks, but went back 5 weeks post partum (6 weeks total). I had some disability insurance, but it only covered a few weeks of that and I needed to go back in part for financial reasons. The other reasons were that I needed the structure of work and such because life with a newborn was killing me. I ain't so good at the mothering thing, thank god DH is. I have no idea how much leave most people take. I know alot of folks who just decide to stay home.
Quote: Originally Posted by pumpkin I've been out of school for 13 years so mine was paid off quite a while ago. Posted via Mobile Device Haha, pumpkin, I got my BS in 1997, too, but still have around 25K in debt. I don't think the original amount was much more than that (maybe around 30K). I went to a private school, stupidly. I had no money, no parent support, I worked alot but that funded things like living expenses and books, all my...
Yeah, I've got some research to do... What exactly is PMI and escrow? Why would you be unwilling to do escrow?
We do alot of chicken leg quarters here because they all love it and it's the least expensive. If you fry the leg quarters 5 mins on each side, and then roast them about 35-40 minutes (til done)... you will get much love. The skin is that much crispier and the flavor is even better. Everytime I make chicken like that, I even get hugs and gleeful shouts from my 11 yo stepson, who's too cool these days to hug (much) anymore.
Go to the library and get The Mood Cure by Julia Ross.
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