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Aldi's is one of my usual grocery stores. Nearly all of what they offer is their own brand. I have no idea if their produce is local, so I don't usually buy that there, but canned goods, frozen things, other variety of boxed things that my kids cannot live without, it's pretty good for. Oh, and their pasta sauces do not have HFCS, which is a major bonus.
DH is constantly talking about refi-ing the house, and seems to think it's a cakewalk. Me, I keep thinking there are assessments, fees, etc etc to consider atop of the usual selling your soul for a loan stuff. What is it like? Are there upfront fees? Do I need an assessment of the house? I can't think of the other questions, of course. But if you've done it recently, what things did you have to do?
I've had one vaginal birth. I never had any problems (since DH) with Oing, but I notice that nowadays I'm more able to do so from vaginal stimulation only, which was a rarity before the birth. DH likes it better, I was too muscular before and now I'm softer. Funny, I was worried about it too, before giving birth.
Quote: Originally Posted by neverdoingitagain Last of the Mohicans. Movie was meh..ok but I don't remember it well. Book was OMG How can you not remember Uncas (Eric Schweig)? That man is my heart's desire. haha
I seem to recall reading somewhere that St John's Wort is not good to take while breastfeeding. But that doesn't help you much, does it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Smidge http://www.breakoutbras.com/ I second this! Read through her how to size page too. That will make all the difference in the world!
For a homemade, fermented, non dairy, and not so bad probiotic, you can make ginger carrot spears.
Preteen laws: If there is a loophole, I will exploit it.
Thank Kellymom link is a great guide. Maybe even print it out and give it to your mom. Babies don't need that much milk during 10 hours. I never was able to pump more than 15 oz at max, and that's all that was needed for DD during my 11 hour-days away. I mean I know every baby's different, but if she does need more, she might just be a heavier nurser when you're home in the evenings and nights. That's what my DD did. She got used to standard bottle feedings and could vary...
Quote: Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma I think the answer to this question sometimes comes from a place of wanting above all else to avoid doning the Bad Guy Hat and being the one to end it. I see a lot of mamas come to this sub forum looking for the End of Relationship Check List (infidelity, abuse, addiction, etc) that will allow them to leave their relationship absolved of a sense of guilt, a guilt that their partner or family may heap on them...
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