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Quote: Originally Posted by treegardner Woman who wear their cell phone clipped to their bra or, even worse, in between their breasts. I haven't read the whole thing, but this made me giggle. I don't usually do this, but there have been times (when we're out and all dressed up) that I've stuck my phone down my bra, but really, the gazongas are so big, no one's going to notice that tiny phone in there, I barely do... hahaha Pet peeves:...
Proudmomof4, there are lots of other ways to explore your spirituality without adhering to the bible or any bible based religion. I was brought up Catholic and started steering off that path during my confirmation classes (I did end up getting confirmed, because, well, that's what you do when you're 13 and your parents tell you that you must), but it was also when I started questioning more. Too much of the bible looked to me like the writings of flawed humans rather than...
good birthing vibes to you!! Does anyone know if there's a large sort of Pagan message board out there?
Hey mommas, just a shout out. I don't think I'll be posting a whole lot more here, so if you'd like to stay in touch, please PM me.
haha. Last night I was handing out gummi multi-vits to the kids, and DH says, be glad you live noawdays and have good tasting vitamins. Back in the day, they had to take cod liver oil for vitamins. Which got the eewwwww from them. And I say, it's not so bad, I have some FCLO if you want it... and get eww eww eww eww from them. So yeah, no, my kids don't have any interest in it. Well occassionally our youngest will have a squirt of it. That's the best I can do.
W2BM, considering your own abuse issues with your mom, I wonder if letting your boy spend the night there is a good idea. But no I don't have a problem with temporary tattoos. I think they're fun, and they're temporary!
Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay holiday overload- I love "general celebration" but I guess I worry about burnout. And about, well, "losing" the individual holidays and seasons? I mean, I love Yule. But part of Yule is the shifting energies, the tipping of the year from growing dark to rising light, the spiral of candles leading into and then back out from the heart of winter, the rebirth of the sun. And I love Samhain... the rising dark, the...
Make a joke out of it. Whatever it is she's complaining about turn it on it's ear and make it goofy to appeal to her sense of humor, or use it as an opportunity to crack one of her usual jokes (most kids, IMO have a joke that they throw around alot). That's the only thing that ever worked with my oldest DSD. But yeah, it sure wears on you, doesn't it?
We just joke about it. DH might say "you stink, boy" and DSS will giggle. DH will say, no really - go take a bath. It's all good natured, but that may or may not work.
Crayons - always missing Sippie cups Mugs (Obviously there's a different kind of drinking problem in our house). Kids' underwear and socks.
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