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I think "Gump" and then I think about how AWFUL the book was. (I read it before seeing the movie and I thought - no way. The movie was far better).
Hmmm, the kid I gave birth to would be named "Nothing." I had a really really easy pregnancy.
Try reading The Mood Cure by Julia Ross and implementing those changes. It's made a terrific difference for me.
you can make ginger carrots but leave the carrots as spears - highly transportable and snackable that way.
This year's been a dry year, and I noticed that I don't get as much juice from the pouding. I've added extra brine to mine instead.
Why not?
Quote: Originally Posted by fremontmama #51 Forest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley I LOVE Marion Zimmer Bradley. This was a fantastic book, as always, she totally transports you into the world of the characters of the book. I couldn't put this one down. I was hoping there would be other books that take place between this one and The Mists of Avalon, and it looks like maybe there are? Anyone know the order of the books if there are...
So someone - Budge Wilson, that is- wrote a prequel to the Anne series. I"m reading it now, not too far in. But oh, is this a sad book in alot of ways. My heart breaks at nearly every page turn. I sometimes wonder if I can read it all the way through. Anyone else read this?
I don't know the answers to all of this. But a few years ago, I was asking about hanging things on the line in winter, and someone even posted a photo of a frozen line of diapers. Apparently they can dry on the line, I think they even said the diapers seemed fresher, too. I can't find that link, of course. boohoo. But I reckon you'd have to bring them in to finish it off. Hopefully someone who's BTDT will post. I never tried it because our dryer and indoor basement line...
I love mine. It's a palindrome! And that's one of the many reasons I didn't change it when we married.
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