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I haven't seen anything about cisterns - but those would be a great addition too. My dad just got one - it's alittle out of our price range, but I'm aspiring to it. Also, there's a poster who used to frequent these forums a while back who is a real urban homesteader extraordinaire. I haven't seen here around lately, but if you search poster name "Leta" read some of her posts. She amazes me in all that she does/has done. I'd be interested in going off-grid or less...
Wow! What are they counting on that? We're a family of 5 and our groceries are well below the thrify plan for fam of 4, and very much below thrifty if you add them all separately. No we're not organic, as much as we'd like to be, it's just no in the budget. But hey, I figure we'd have a good lot more groceries if I spent even as much as the added up thrifty plan for us. For us, the added up thrifty is 157.30 a week, the added up liberal is 311.3 woo! I'd love to have...
I've not seen one of these here ina while, and I know we can all use a good laugh now and then. Who better to entertain us than our littles? DSS has been practicing his typing on a rock-star typing game. He was sitting at the computer, and DD was sitting at the table eating. Computer game: "Are you ready to rock?!!" DD: "No, I'm not. I'm eating dippy eggs." hahah! What are your funnies?
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife I just made GF cornbread the other day, and my DH who is not Gf said it was the best he ever had. I uses Mama's almond blend flour (rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, and almond meal flour) and corn meal, of course. I'll have to link a recipe tomorrow when I'm not on my phone. It was pretty basic, similar to regular cornbread but with GF flour. Could you post this link?
Quote: Originally Posted by montlake I am a reformed food splurger. The only thing that ever "stuck" and did the trick with me to cut out convenience foods was to start cooking one day ahead. Each night I cook dinner for the next night. When I get home after a long work day, dinner is there, just needs to be warmed up. Then once we have eaten and relaxed for a while I usually feel recharged enough to go in and make dinner for the next day. I could never...
These mommas have great tips, GuildJenn's list is great. Definitely look for flyers online. I do alot of that myself, sometimes we don't get certain ones, other times we do. I know I can find them online, so I rely on that if I need to. I like the price book idea. We've got several stores I go to, one of them is a local health food store that has no flyers and a reputation for being pricey. But when I compare that to other local stores, I find that in many cases, it's...
How do you grocery shop? Do you make a list - checking local flyers? Or just go in and buy what seems nice to you? With that information, it will be easier to help with how the money gets spent and how to fix that.
Interesting stuff. My family is mostly German - with a few other European countries in the mix. But a few of us get the red thing. It's funny because one of my brothers and I get it and we're the ones with the biggest tolerances, respectively, me for the gals, he for the guys. Now, I don't always get it, but most of the time I do, same with my bro. In fact people comment if I'm drinking and don't turn red, these days. ha
I have it - I don't have any problems with it. Decent price, decent reception. I don't do texting and wireless web, so I don't know how it is for that, but I like it for standard mobile service.
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