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My DH and stepkids is from CA/NV respectively. So when they're cold the heat goes on - I'd hold out for longer than they do. But we've not turned it on yet. Of course it was a way unseasonable 91 last week! Now we're back in the 60-50 again, the house stays warm enough for now with oven, computers and such running.
Ok, I know these aren't meals, but the help with the meals. Add fats to your meals - save bacon grease and chicken smaltz - that stuff will go a long way to filling everyone in the house. More fat in the food, generally (well not always in the case of my 11 yo DSS), will fill people up faster.
Save your chicken bones in a freezer bag, along with veggie choppings. When full, put them in a pot of water or crockpot for ~24 hours. This will make a rich broth for your soups. Ooh- something else I thought of - for saucy ground beef recipes, pre-cook lentils and keep them in the freezer - mix lentils and ground beef together - use a fair amount of seasoning. Works great for tacos, sloppy joes, etc.
My company has a gym they're in partnership with across the street, so I finally tookthe plunge and joined. I initially started off going to the gm before work everyday, but that's too much for me. I'm shooting for 3-4 days now. BUt really it's only since DD has been sleeping better that I've done this - a few months now.
Hey there. Well on top of sleep deprivation, as well as the demands of a toddler and newborn (I know people do, but I have no idea how anyone manages this, you're amazing, IMO), this sounds alot like PPD to me. The ragey thing is just the flip side of depression. I tend to get ragey rather than depressed, but it stems from the same thing - some of us just get angry rather than sad. Do look to your diet (wheat and gluten are really big rage enhancers for some - like me),...
I've never responded to your posts much, so you don't "know" me, but reading this, I thought: "already?" So your fam's on to something there. Me, I'm a big advocate of single-time esp in between marriages, and more so after an abusive one... But I'm glad to see you're taking it slower.
Hmm only read one Jane Austen book, but Edward Ferrars would be ok. Celtic-ish girls or boys names? Karrick for a boy, and Adera or Senara (of course I'm partial to Senara as it's DD"s name). Vulcan, most definitely.
Hmm I'm considering getting one on my upper arm. My first is on my back, but it's funny because I never see it and sometimes forget about its being there. I figure you should go for it, Bunnyflakes! Why not?
I've had three. In the early months I used a stretchy wrap. Then I got my ring sling, which I love and is my primary go-to carrier, easy on, easy off, easy in and out and lightweight, and a gorgeous orange batik to boot. I also have a Beco because it's the most comfortable while walking or hiking. I mean I can sling her while hiking, but the Beco is preferable by far for long distances. But, she wants to be in them less and less these days... Sigh...
Oh Theia, I am so sorry. It's hard as hell to lose a sibling. I lost my brother to suicide 6 years ago come January. Im so sorry. for Ed and for you and your family.
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