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Doing volume calculations all day long. Every one says they can't do that kind of math... Me, I'm amazed at anyone who can SAH with the kids all day.
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, gals. I appreciate it more than you know!
Hello everyone! I know I never post, but I'm posting in a particular attempt to solicit hugs... Today's my birthday and I'm just bummed. Of course it hurts that DH won't celebrate or even acknowedge that, but no one at work ever remember either. I suppose I miss the days when a birthday was a big deal... but these days, it's not so much huh? Boohoo. On the upside, whether my JW husband likes it or not, there's a big Mabon festival this weekend, and I plan to go come...
OH yeah, I'm practically salivating thinking about fall... it's been great that the past few night have been so cool... I'm getting so excited. AnnetteMarie - I'm so with you on the smell of fall...ahhhh
Go to breakoutbras.com, find their sizing page- you will be amazed at your actual size. And she has tons of pictures showing how a bad bra fits. Too many women above a DDD go to get fitted in department stores and come out with a DDD that just doesn't fit. Her prices aren't really that far removed from department stores either. According to the above I comfortably wear a 40I, most dept stores try to give me 44 DDD, it never ever fits.
Hmm my make-up free friendly jobs: Jobs past: Coffee shop, retail in general Tortoise Monitor Present job: Construction estimating/design I can't remember the last time I've worn make-up to work. I'd feel out of place if I did. Sorry OP that you're getting flack.
Ok, Mr Toona and Me in which I am wayy more dolled up than usual. ANd here's my scary face that still freaks my youngest sister out.
I two year old and an 8 and almost 11 year old. Right now my DH is at home, but is working on setting up WAH business. OH yeah I work M-F, 8-5 plus hour commute each way.
Of the folks who for my company in this building I'd say it's close to 50-50 split. Women are mostly in admin/accounting and such. Out in the field (construction), it's nearly all men. My department (estimating) is very male dominated. Only 3 women work in this dept who are not admin. Consequently, I work with primarily men. There are a fair amount of families here, many of the guys do have SAHW, but not all. They're pretty understanding about needing to do family...
Quote: Originally Posted by nola79 your links aren't working. Aww stink. Well it will have to wait until I get home to fix them. Probably will just flickr the pics instead.
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