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Here is Mr Toona and I at my brother from another mother's wedding. It's an unusual picture as I have makeup on... Here's my scary face picture...
DD is nearly 30 months and she drinks milk about half the time. Some days she will have none, but if she hasn't had any in a while or just has a taste for it, she'll ask for some. She probably drinks 4-6 oz when she wants it. She still nurses about 2 times a day, but hasn't had any expressed milk since she started refusing it at 11 months. I WOHM, and we did use milk a bit early on, but not as a staple... Now cheese on the other hand is a whole different story.
Yeah, my DD started doing that at about 11 months. Didn't want momma milk except from the tap, as it were. She ate solids fairly well at that time. So I stopped pumping. Here at 2.5 she still nurses 1st thing in the am and last thing at night (and would more often if I let her, but I'm setting limits). Take it as a call to let you off the pumping hook. I was happy about it because I figued I'd be pumping 1.5 years, but nope.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phantaja For someone who only speaks Spanish, your English is awesome! HAHAHA! I read it as how many additional languages. Heh, so I guess that's two for me.
OMG the pessary story!! My favorite thread was in the DDC For December 07 (I was Feb 08), about TMI... I don't know if it's still funny now that I'm not pregnant, but I lived for that one.
"I am fluent in over six million forms of communications." Heh, just couldn't help the Return of the Jedi reference Me, just one - Spanish. It is better sometimes than others, been rough lately as I'm out of practice. But I'm particularly good when I've had a few drinks. heh.
I've been there... You did your best.
A&A, my parents divorced when I was 16, my youngest sibling was 5. IN our case, dad was very physically abusive (so that's what messed me and my sibs up), and there was a collective sigh of relief for the older ones of us... It was hard for the first few years, but we've generally doing ok. But you know what, alot of things, other than divorce can screw up a kid. So it's just amatter of looking at all the factors involved.
I used to be a tortoise monitor on construction sites. One day a bobcat got trapped on site, so the other TM and I had to chase the thing down, on foot, and somehow get it out of the site. All the construction workers were high up in their machinery. Thankfully the other guy was a far faster runner and also wanted to be Steve Erwin. And he did manage to wrestle it and get hold of it and toss it over the fence with only a few scratches. I managed to stay out of...
Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse Today I'm snacking on cashews and mini-plums right off my tree in the back yard. I don't know why they don't grow to regular plum size, but they are so, so sweet juicy and yummy. I have to pick them as soon as they ripen, or the birds will steal them . And while I'm eating my healthy snack, I'm drinking coffee. With international delight type coffee creamer. It's horrible, but I haven't been able to give it...
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