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I work in a warehouse, night shift, and I am on my feet for 8 hours a day.  Literally 8 hours a day.  And in 2 weeks our peak season starts and I will be on my feet for 10 hours a day 5 days a week, and then 2 weeks after that for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week until Christmas eve.  I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella last month in my left knee, was given a print out of exercises to do and told to see a physical therapist to learn how to target muscles.  I was...
After the X-Files ended and left me with no answers, I swore I would never become involved in a TV show like that again.   Then Lost came and I couldn't help myself.  And then the ending.  I felt so ripped off, so cheated and I felt like a fool for getting involved in a TV show again.  I hated the so-called ending and wish I never started watching the show to begin with.
The second episode... I could see his abusive and controlling side almost immediately, though they didn't really show it until later.  Maybe it's because "back in the old days" I had a boyfriend or two who were like that.  Hopefully the girls parents will get a lawyer and draw up a custody agreement.
Shouldn't some of these moms have custody papers already?  That would have been the first thing I would have done if I knew I wasn't going to marry the father, was legally work out custody and visitation and child support.
TCAP tests are very important to us because DD's test scores allow her to get into an academic magnet school (she's in 5th grade).  Well, at least get in the lottery for a spot in an academic magnet.  Each year we get stuck on the wait list.  Plus TCAP allows me to see how well the school is doing.  If the school does bad, I can pull DD and put her in a school that does better.  However, most of the schools that get bad grades are because sub-groups did poorly.......
How do I disinfect my daughters retainers?  She is supposed to change her toothbrush tomorrow, but I forgot to ask the doctor about her retainers.  From what I've read on google, people recommend mouthwash that has alcohol in it and soak them.  I just need to buy the right thing because I don't want her to get reinfected.
I want some Wilileaks on the Pharma companies.
My 6 year old has a planetbox, and my 10 year old uses a plastic tray that is divided into spaces.  She wants the planetbox, too, but without the case.
1700 sq ft house, 2 floors. Gas heat and hot water, electric everything else. We are on "balanced billing" for both gas ($42 a month) and electric ($152 a month). In the summer, solar roman shades are freaking awesome to keep the sun out and rooms cooler so the AC doesn't work as hard. I keep the thermostat at 76 and if people are hot they can turn on a fan. In the winter, the thermostat stays at 70, and if someone is cold they can either GET DRESSED (ie: put on...
I'm on my 2nd month of a double ear infection. I can only hear about 30% of what is going on around me. It's annoying! I believe it started when I took antibiotics in Sept before a double root canal, which led to strep and more antibiotics, that then led to the ear infections and bronchitis. I finally went to the Doctor yesterday because I can't hear and I've been coughing up wonder green jello and now I'm on LEVAQUIN which scares me to death. But My ears have been...
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