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I know I've read this book at the local library. It talks about natural and home birthing. It talks about the transition from the womb to the world for the baby.. and how hard it is on them.   I need it.. but can't figure out the name of it at all.   It was in black and white.. had lots of photos, and was short, straight to the point.
My sweet girl just turned one. I can't believe where the time has gone. A week before her birthday, she started to walk. Walk! It's amazing to watch her toddle around. I miss her being a baby, but I can't wait to watch her grow. She amazes me more and more every day. We had a great party and she had nice company and nice gifts. Sigh.. On a side note, my beautiful six month old niece spent the night with us. (and her mama!) She is the sweetest, chunky girl. We...
I have a great friend who is currently 32 weeks. She has not had any prenatal care. Here's why. She's had two c-sections, one less than a year ago. She desperately wants a vbac and is afraid if she settles into prenatal care, she will be destined to have another section. Anyone know any doctors near Greenfield, WI who might take on a vba2c? Secondly, she is considering a UC, thinking its her last resort. I support UC, but what, really, are the risks after 2...
Looking for something special for my little ladies first birthday. Anyone do this or know of a place?
My fourteen year old son went to his grandmas for a week and came home with lots of acne!! He SWEARS he showered every day.. but he probably has thirty pimples that he didn't leave home with. I went out and bought him some face wash and those pad things, but how can I really, really nip this in the butt before it gets out of control? I considered Proactiv. Suggestions?
How is bebe after all of this?
Aww, I love our babies stage right now! Since my last update, Jocelyn has cut two teeth! They are the bottom front ones. They're about halfway up now and look SO cute when she smiles! She has also started to be able to get around quite well! She can not crawl yet, but maneuvers herself around quite well. She can get into a sitting position from laying and she can get on her hands and knees and do some crazy business. LOL! She will be on her butt, then she will get...
Thanks mamas. I'd love some iron rich food suggestions for my little lady. Have never run into this before!
We just went in for our WIC recert, and they do the height, weight, and heel prick. Jocelyn's hemoglobin was 8.8 and the WIC lady was frustrating. She gave me a referral to our doctor, blah blah. Jocelyn is breastfed, and loves finger foods. Should I worry? Feed her steak? (kidding..) Opinions?
Gah! With five kids, one of them being a baby, it's so hard to keep my house together. It seems I'm always cleaning! LOL! What is your entire housecleaning schedule? Is it planned out for the week? Can you please break it down for me? I want to copy someone. Haha.
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