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it's definitely a catchy tune, it's understandable that it would stick with her!
oh jeez. mine are frat, but I can imagine why this would be so hard. I even have a trouble with some of the newborn pics with them! I know someone that inked a spot on the back of one of the babies necks, which she kept re-inking for months! I would probably buy them different teething necklaces, or similar, to help me. We did the clothes thing too, one boy had blue and one had green/other. But that didn't work when I wanted to dress them the same or use their older...
for SURE an ergo once they're a little bigger. then she can have one on her back with hands free to assist another one.
Sylvie delivered my son in 2003 and was wonderful! We ended up in the regular ward instead of the birthing center, but she was good and making the nurses leave me alone, given the level of intervention i ended up with.
Or nearby Anything near Newark, Elizabeth, Cranford, Millburn, etc. I want to find a new pediatrician for my boys. Ideally i'd like someone with really good office hours (sunday/evenings once in a while) and a on site lab, but also still open to delayed vaxing and has an open mind. Any recs? Thank you!
mine aren't, but i'm here to offer love and support. sounds like they are helping each other already. i'll keep them in my thought and prayers that all continues to be well. how many weeks are you?
double post
my brag for the day is both babies have been sick on and off for MONTHS. Colds, ear infections, and now a BAD stomach virus. And I haven't offed myself! Oh, and we got them sleeping through the night for 11 hours at night withOUT crying!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!
so awesome- take pics because it won't last long!!!! CONGRATS!
double snap n go for SURE. A great infant seat is the chicco keyfit. i mean AMAZING. Easy to install, easy to use, and SAFE. and comes with a infant insert that is invaluable imo. after market ones aren't safe. Then we moved on to convertibles and a regular side by side. baby jogger city mini double. LOVE IT. i love britaxes, but no way would my little twins have been safe in them right away. and they were 6 pounds + at birth!
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