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Oh yes, deirdre. Your body needs lots and lots of extra calcium right now. And the kind in ice cream is the best, most easily absorbed calcium. amy, Queen of rationalizations!
a vegetarian J. Lo??
We are doing a big road trip this summer too-Miami to Chicago-and I have the same food on the go concerns that you do. I am planning on having dd (3 1/2) make her own trail mix, and I am going to pack a cooler. I am going to make banana bread-that travels well if wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. I'll also bring apples and bananas and bread and pb and jam. And healthy crackers. And soy milk-and a big box of concentrated Chai for mommy! And maybe I will make some type of bar...
Those are great, but you left out one of my favorites: "It's not pollution that's harming our environment, it's the impurities in the air and water."
Originally posted by dh2lotusdeb But according to LaPierre, this only removes holding the dealers accountable for the misuse of their product. It does not seem to affect manufacturing defects and so forth. Because, as you well know, gun manufacturers are ALREADY exempt for defects and "so forth".
Finally, a liberal voice on the airwaves. Of course, in our Fox owned media channels, he's been dropped by most stations, but you can still hear him, and a hilarious speech where Bush couldn't string together an entire sentence at: http://www.mikemalloy.com/
didn't Arafat win one?
The FCC and Congress are poised to pass a bill that will make it possible for ONE company to own your newspaper, tv stations, radio channels and cable provider. It would allow for all the major networks to be owned by one company. This is an outrage. The airwaves belong to the people, not corporations! Make your voice heard!! http://www.moveon.org/stopthefcc/
I just did a little research on dum dum bullets. And guess what? I'm still in favor of banning them. And so is any other caring person with common sense. They have serve no legitimate purpose other than to grievously wound people.
tell me, in that infamous nra doublespeak-how all those bills you mentioned were "compromises". The NRA bitterly fought each and every one of them. Still does.
New Posts  All Forums: