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Haven't read the whole thread yet, but my biggest peeve is when people use the possessive as plural. Example: The boy's went to town. UGH!!!!!!! The boy's WHAT went to town? father? dog? WHAT?? Plural HAS NO APOSTROPHE!! More forgiving, but still annoying, are the mistakes when the singular form of a word ends in an "s". Example: He took Thomas' pencil. It should be "Thomas's"--but rather unforgiving that the bagel company spells it wrong!
After our first Christmas together I learned to tell Dh exactly what to get me. That year he gave me: a garlic press, a soup ladle, a cookbook, a tool box, and a clothes drying rack. I didn't ask for any of it. I had been esp. upset about the cookbook and drying rack. That was 14 years ago and I still have and use all of it. In fact, the cookbook is my favorite one! Go figure. BTW, last year he gave me a new dining table with 6 chairs and a china cabinet. He has learned!
I think whoever is hosting the dinner is entitled to define the guest list however they like. If you don't like it I'd recommend you host the dinner yourself.
I try to always lock my car, but sometimes leave it unlocked if I think I'll be right back to it. I can't park in the garage b/c my DH has it filled up with his crap. If I parked in the garage I wouldn't lock the car.
I'd be flattered. I'd actually love to be a surrogate, but I would want the couple to be absolutely sure b/c I'm "too old" for the prime age of surrogacy (I'm over 35). My DH wouldn't want me to do it anyway, so I'd have to turn them down. I would not feel awkward at all if I were asked.
You can try to get one thru your local Freecycle group. www.freecycle.org, I believe. (or check yahoo)
Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant Halloween freaks me out. I hate that there's people in masks that can see my face but I can't see theirs. It really really freaks me out. Ever since I moved out of my parents house about 9 years ago, I've put a bowl of candy on the front step and the kids help themselves. Geez, I never thought of it this way...now I'm more leary about it, too.
This is embarrassing to admit, but TCOYF taught me A LOT about my body...namely about the clitoris. My mother died when I was 10 and when I was about 13 or 14 my (now) step-father (just married my dad in July...sorry if that's confusing) tried to explain where and what the clitoris was, including drawing a picture. Did NOT help...and I had NO idea how all that "worked" until I was *gasp* 31 (yes, thirty-one) years old! BTW, I lost my virginity at age 16. My DH, who...
Where in the world is the little black bag with the $100 bill I misplaced several months ago?? I've looked everywhere! Thanks in advance!
My DD has H1N1 and is really sick. Will she be OK??? I'm very worried about her. She's only 2 1/2 years old.
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