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Sounds like you live in our old house/neighborhood! I DID call the police on our neighbor that did this (also called during the day b/c I got so tired of hearing his music blaring day in and day out every.single.day, but the police didn't care then). I think he got a ticket and was extremely pissed (I could care less) We also put a very cordial and friendly note on his door to ask him to please not play it so loudly, but that just peeved him more. He is the main reason we...
Oh, wow...I'm at that mall all the time and often nurse my dd there (usually in my ergo walking around) and never had a negative comment. In fact, I get lots of smiles and people are constantly stopping us to coo at my dd. It's my favorite mall around here. Now I'm going to have to go there for the express purpose of NIP to give the shoppers more exposure to breastfeeding so it becomes more "normal" (oh, and to get a bubble tea at my favorite vendor, too, of course!...
:bump Yikes! I'm gone on vacation for a couple weeks and I come back to find our thread buried on page 16!! Where are y'all? We had a good trip overall. DD cut her two top molars the night before we left, so she and I slept maybe two hours total that night. The flight out was no picnic b/c she was so tired and didn't want to sit still. Two 3 hour flights each way. Not fun! I did realize one thing while sleeping on the hotel beds (4 different hotels!)...we have crappy...
Very sweet and very true! My DD is a little fishy out of water all.night.long, whether she's nursing or not!
OK, I'm bumping us! No activity in two whole days! DD had her MMR shot on July 31st (had to get the combo; too difficult to locate the individual around here and I was nervous about putting it off any longer b/c we're leaving town Thursday). She got a very high temp for a few days and my friend and I just put two and two together and decided it was from the shot. She was miserable and hardly ate anything. Didn't sleep much, either, but that's nothing new. Welcome back,...
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama It's not free money! It's your money that the government has been using as an interest free loan! : But I am glad you are happy. Are you sure it was interest free? A friend of mine just got a large tax check in the mail b/c of deductions they didn't take two years ago, and they got interest included. Anyway, yay to OP...always nice to get some money, esp. when you weren't expecting it! :
My stepdad has worked at a gas station for over 20 years (I worked there for a summer 15 years ago as well) and they don't turn on the pump if they see someone smoking close by. It IS a hazard, not just gas on the ground, but also the fumes in the air. I'll have to ask him if they have an emergency off button, though, cuz I've never heard of that!
We'll join ya at the mall! After her dr appt, that is. Gotta get my bubble tea fix!
I bought a penguin costume at Old Navy after last Halloween for $2. It's one of those bunting style costumes, but it's big enough that I'm just going to cut leg holes and install cuffs. My DD isn't very big; hope it works! She'll be 19 months then.
My DD loves to dance, and she dances to everything: elevator music, wind chimes, my singing. In fact, she will start dancing to get me to start singing, or when she knows the end of the song is near, to let me know she wants me to continue! Sometimes she'll start dancing and I'll wonder why. It's then that I start to hear the music, too...in places where you usually tune it out, like a mall, restaurant, etc.
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