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Funny, we've been debating this for awhile, because we wanted a "codename" so we could discuss it in public and no one know what we're talking about (we haven't announced our pregnancy IRL yet). I came up with "Bubbles" because I absolutely love Bubble Tea and have been drinking it since before we conceived. Also, we plan to call BF "Boba" which is another name for bubble tea, and means "nipples" or "mama's nipples" so it's all fitting. However, DH doesn't like...
Oh, Lotusdebi, I'm so sorry your families' reactions are so hurtful! I agree, keep them out of the loop from now on. They don't deserve to share in this incredible miracle! I'm glad you do have your foster family for support IRL! Quote: Originally Posted by jmhammond I think I'm 6 weeks, and not really feeling pregnant at all. I guess that's a good thing b/c no bulge yet on the jeans, and no morning sickness, but I kinda wish I felt a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by Diane in Corvallis We have one amazing DD who is 4 1/2. We may adopt another, but that's would be a few years from now. We are living in a 500 sq. ft. house while we build a new house, and I just couldn't imagine adding another person, no matter how little, to our very cozy space. My husband is pretty dead-set against having another bio child, for the reason of overpopulation and the environmental effects of that. I...
Ok, can't stay away! Megan_Sacha--your chart is looking awesome!! Can't wait to hear about your HCG results!! grapejuicemama--sounds so promising! Guess I might have to pop into the April DDC to chat it up with you! Keep us posted! Punquin--also looking very promising this month! : for ya!
I'd love to have it as soon as possible, but they don't take new patients until 8 or 9 weeks. : I always heard it's best to have your first appointment as soon as you find out your pg. Come on August 17th!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jmhammond ....with a stay-at-home part-time pastor papa partner. Say that ten times fast! Jodi!
Oooh, good question, Bemommy!!
As a name, I like Mitchell the best. My babysitter's (who babysat ME) oldest son is Mitchell (Mitch), and I had a crush on him, so I'm probably biased. HOwever, I am really into symbolism, so for your fifth born, Quentin is GREAT! (hey, if DH doesn't like it, he can always call him Fred!)
Quote: Originally Posted by twilight girl Well, my experience with the Maternity Center was drastically different. Granted, that was in 2001/2002, so time has passed, and I know there has been some turn over, new midwives etc. I had the opposite experience with them. When I had a yeast infection about midway through, I just called, got right on the phone with the midwife, and she said describe what your symptoms, and told me to go get some monistat. ...
I'm kinda in that boat, too. Had some mild brown spotting this morning that sent me into a bit of a panic, but all the other pg symptoms are still there: High temp this am (still temping, to be sure...), tender breasts, frequent urination, etc. Also, when I m/c in March I had horrible low back pain and cramping, which I don't have now. So...I think we're worrying too much and without cause for concern if the only symptom is brown spotting.
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