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I saw an announcement last week about being a product reviewer for Mothering but I don't see it now. Is that still available?
Screenshot:     I'm not sure if the views are based on your username or your cache but you could try clearing your cookies and cache to see if you can view it again. 
I'm on day 31 of P2 and am down 21 pounds using homeopathic HCG. Very pleased!    I'd like to lose at least another 25 pounds. I'm doing fine on the diet and don't feel compelled to move into P3 when I finish this 40 day round. Do I understand correctly that I can continue for as long as I want on P2? I seem to recall Mary saying a few pages back that she did an 80 day round of P2. 
I understand how homeopathy works. I just don't know how they can say that it will cause you to burn structural fat. Is there really a way to tell?    Thanks for reassuring me! 
Thanks for all the loading advice. I really enjoyed those two days! LOL!   I'm beginning day five this morning after my two days of loading and just weighed. I'm down 8.5 pounds - which is about 2 pounds a day. Very happy with that!  I expect that rate to slow at some point but I hope I can ride the 2 pound wave for several more days. I'm feeling good, not deprived at all, but I am a bit bored with the limited veg and fruit choices.     I am using the homeopathic...
Thank you for this fabulous thread! I went searching for info on the HCG diet and found this discussion (76 pages!). It's such a great read! I'm still working my way through it (I think I'm on page 10) but decided to stop and read Pounds and Inches so I understand more of the reasoning and particulars about the diet and the HCG.   I've decided to do the homeopathic drops and they are on their way to me now. But I'm not sure about the two days of loading. Are you to...
I can appreciate some of what is being suggested, especially in being honest, open and forthright with your children about sex. But some of the other directions of thought have stirred up a slew of questions in my mind. Where do you draw the line? It seems to me that the measuring stick is "If it feels good do it" with a bit of education thrown in to make sure no one is abused. If your 10 year old daughter, having been raised openly and honestly about sex and...
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