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Like the PP said, she's gonna need SOMETHING to file taxes.  My daycare gives us all her SS# so we can file (though as far as I know, none of us are whole buckets of drama).  She also gives us a receipt with the total amount paid to her through the year.  That might CYA if she tries to misfile the amount paid.
I've got both but only ever used the TF with a newborn, but honestly it looks like either one would fit a newborn fine.  They both come with infant inserts.  I can't say I'd favor one over the other.
I had buckets with #1 and #2 but skipped it with #3.  I just remember them being so heavy and bulky that they were hard to take anywhere anyway.  DS3 is 5 months old and I've yet to have an experience where I thought "Oh, I can't do this, I don't have a bucket!".  It's the middle of Minnesota winter, too, and it hasn't been an issue.  Light fleece bunting and bunches of blankets work fine.
Ah, good point.
 I know it doesn't affect your situation, because no matter what she was paying you she's totally abusing the privilege and you need to cut ties, but around here the going rate for daycare is 2.50/hr per child...  
That's how I tell DS3 is about to pee on me!  :   Just echoing what everyone else has said, leave it alone and don't let the doctor touch it.
Bunk.  I saw a different article on the same story that said 3 out of the 4 authors had done research or marketing (I forget which) for infant food companies.  Total conflict of interest.
Psh, I didn't even get a shower for my first!  By the time #3 came around, I got a grand total of 2 visitors, much less a party (and one of those visitors only came because she had to drive my mom out!).   Wait, I take that back, I did get a little improptu shower at work with my first, and then I got a gift (no shower) with my second, but nada for the third.
Um, yeah, the time from my first contraction, at 4 cm, to baby was an hour.  That "labor curve" is complete bullcrap.  
MN has restricted liquor sales.  You can only buy anything with alcohol at a liquor store (no alcohol sales in gas stations or grocery stores), and never on Sundays.  Alcoholic drinks can't be served on Sundays unless it's in an establishment that gets a certain percentage of its sales from food (bar = no, bar and grill = yes).  I'm close enough to Iowa that if I wanted something on a Sunday I could drive down and get it.  I think it's religion-related, several small...
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