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Oh definitely, I'll nudge her to get help before she quits.  I just hope she calls me before she does.  I know she has a WIC appointment on Monday and they have a breastfeeding counselor, I'll tell her to start there, but there's also an IBCLC that works at the clinic that she could see too.  I think it helped just hearing that most babies grow out of the bite reflex so she's not quite as despondent now.
Thank you!! Clampdown bite reflex sounds like it could be it! I just sent her that link.
Posting this for my sister - she's got a 10-day-old who likes to bite when she's eating.  I know there are tricks out there to deal with an older baby who bites, but does anyone have any suggestions for a newborn?  Sometimes she's happy as a clam and eats without a problem, but most of the time she'll just chomp down on the nipple and pull back for no apparent reason.  My sis said it's making her bleed sometimes, and she's about ready to quit.
  Teehee, my medical transcription training paid off, I could totally read your shorthand before you translated :D    
I got this when we (I) applied for our mortgage - my husband's name was listed first on all the paperwork, even though I did 99% of the grunt work.  I did ask, and their explanation was that they put whoever makes the most first on the papers.  But we were *both* on all the paperwork.   I don't think it will change until people start demanding it change, and that sucks.
It always seems to be the "what if something goes wrong?" issue with partners and homebirth.  My standard response is along the lines of, if you're in a hospital you're alone for the most part.  You'll have a nurse check on you every hour, assuming you're not high-risk or on continuous monitoring.  Who's going to know if something goes wrong?  At least at home I had my midwife by my side the entire time, monitoring me with her eyes and ears.  The odds are that if...
Yes!!  I hate text-speak, won't use it, and avoid people who do.  I don't care if it takes me 5 times longer to type out the entire message on my phone.  
You could put it back on her, ask to see IN WRITING where it says a note or waiver is required.  It's not.  It's a federal program, doesn't matter what your state exemptions are.
It's your IP, but it traces it back to the source, not your house specifically.  All of my ads at work are for a town an hour away because that's where the server's based.  So actually it's tracing your internet provider's location :)
*fans self*  
New Posts  All Forums: