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First, do you know/can you find out the baby's father's blood type?  If he's negative, you're golden.  Two negative parents cannot create a positive baby.   If he is positive, you can wait until the baby's born and find out his/her blood type.  If it's negative, again, you're golden.  Some people are uncomfortable with this, though, because of the small chance of the baby's blood mixing with yours during the pregnancy or during the birth and causing...
The "Lord John" series or the "Into the Wilderness" series (by Sara Donati - apparently Claire Fraser makes an appearance in the first book).  Any opinions?  The Wilderness series has a lot of high ratings on Amazon but I'm hesitant to dive into another huge series.  The Lord John series has not-so-great ratings but it's Lord John, so I might just have to suck it up.  Suggestions?  Opinions?  Make my decision for me?
Are we talking neighbor kids?  Haven't had to cross that bridge yet, but I have banned my aunt from my home and she knows it.
The first year we moved to our house I had 3 people on horseback cut through our side yard to get to the field behind our house.   *Hoses* running through the yard would annoy me, only because it's rude to use someone's property without asking.  Even if it's not harming the property.  A little respect, people!  
I've never formula-fed but my sister did, and the one thing I remember as being "genius" is pre-mixing all of the formula for a day in a pitcher and pouring it into bottles as needed.  I wouldn't use tap water, I'd buy distilled.  And I always thought if I had to formula-feed at night I'd get the bottles ready with just the water in them, keep them in the bedroom (or wherever baby gets fed) and dump in the powder when the baby wakes up.  HTH!
Jumping in because my DS has always had problems with reading and spelling but when his IQ was tested he was at or above the high end of the scale for his age (we had ADHD concerns but the doctor requires that the school rules out learning disabilities before they'll see your child, hence the testing).  So he's definitely not delayed.  I'm surprised they're telling you that you'd have to set up testing on your own, my son's was all done through the school.  
Check out davesrepair.com  He helped us when our heating element went out on our dryer - DH was able to fix it himself.  Dave even hunted down the right part for us.  
How old was your son when this all happened?
I'm squicky on the realistic-looking toy guns (cap guns, etc.) but have no problem with Nerf or squirt guns.  I don't like real guns, have never handled a real gun, don't have any friends or family who hunt or use firearms, but that hasn't stopped my 2-year-old from turning DH's deodorant stick into a gun.
Irritating.  Exactly why I try to limit any unnecessary doctor's visits for my kids (we don't vax, so most of the WBV are unnecessary for us!)  Try a family practice doc, they tend to be a little bit more laid-back than pediatricians.  All 5 of us have the same primary care doc, he's awesome.
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