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We usually stay at my sister's house for a few days every summer.  She's 6 hours away so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like (before she moved I was up at her house several times a month), and she's in the "big city" compared to where we live so there's lots to do.  That's about it. 
That's not right, is it?  Her 2-month-old baby is in the hospital with dehydration, diarrhea, and bloody stools.  They've tested for everything under the sun and she said the doctor thinks it's a milk protein allergy.  I mentioned eliminating diary from her diet and seeing if that helps, but she says the doctor said it's *her* milk the baby's allergic to, not cow's milk, implying an elimination diet wouldn't help.  Does that happen?  I've been searching the web for...
Different carrier?  Like an Ergo or a Beco so he's on your back and has a different view of the world?
What?  I don't... I just...  What??
Yay, shopping for someone else!  Will report back!
Yeah, I'm guilty of that - made the mistake of posting on FB when my water broke, fully expecting labor to kick in at any moment, but NOTHING happened until 27 hours later, and I was too embarassed/pissed off to post anything 
Awww, there's two little gray balls of fluff on there RIGHT NOW!!!  Mom's feeding them.
Hey that's not far from where I live!  Cool, I'll have to show my kids this tonight, I hope we get to see some babies!
I agree with all of this.  
I would love one of these.  I think to get more men to babywear you need to make the carriers minimalist - low-key fabrics, as few straps/buckles/snaps as possible, etc.  At least I think that would work on my husband...
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